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Ben Breedlove

Just stumbled upon the hauntingly lovely video that Ben Breedlove posted to YouTube about a week before he passed on from a chronic heart condition. His family learned of the video from friends who discovered it the day that he left.

His younger sister, Ally, believes that "he left (the video) there for us to find - his way of leaving us with something we'd need."

Given his previous near-death experiences and his clear memory of how peaceful the hereafter is, Ben's family believes that he was ready to say good bye, and that making the video was his way of comforting them after he left.


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Tim Braun in Costa Mesa, Cailf. Can connect him to his family again if they want to. He sounds like he was peaceful and full of joy and love. His soul left his body behind because he fulfill his life's journey. Congratulations on a passing that was very conscious.

I wonder if his school had a WiFi router in the hallway? There are many cases of children <em>without</em> a pre-existing heart condition who have passed out or had heart attacks from the microwave radiation emitted by these routers. In fact, there are now defibrillators in every high school in Toronto:

It would be really interesting to find out if his school was running WiFi or hardwired computers....