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A Way To Break Down Spike Protein?

Over the past year, I've had a number of people ask if there is a natural way to help break down spike protein.

I've been finding that people in the midst of an infection as well as those experiencing troublesome symptoms following vaccination have been responding well to taking proteolytic enzymes. One of the primary ingredients in our proteolytic enzyme blend is nattokinase, an enzyme derived from fermented soybeans that is effective in breaking down fibrin. Read more


A Memorable Soul


One snowy day in early 1993, I made my way to a subway station near the University of Toronto, ready to go home after a long day of classes.  My heart sank when I opened my wallet to find that I had run out of subway tokens. With no credit card or cash to my name, I thought over my options and decided that the best action was to ask for help. Read more


5 Thoughts


With our young teenage boys thinking more about what lies ahead for them, I jotted down the following thoughts which I shared with them earlier today: Read more


Macro Update

Unfortunately, the energy crisis throughout much of Europe is unfolding as expected. Utility bills have soared as much as 10-fold in some parts of Europe over the past several months, with some companies being forced to reduce operating hours and lay off workers due to prohibitive energy costs.

The U.S. Central Bank, desperate to bring inflation down, has increased their fed funds rate by 0.75% three consecutive times since June, bringing the current rate to 3.25% with a stated goal of getting the rate up to 4.5%. Read more


Chronic Illness Begins With Breakdown In Your Gut

Good overall health begins with a healthy gut. Chronic illness begins with breakdown in the gut.

This is where I typically start with clients looking to address any health challenge.

If you're looking for lasting improvement in any area of your health, it's best not to think of your body parts as being independent compartments. Every cell communicates with every other cell, not always directly, but via the fluids, hormones, and neurotransmitters that travel through the vast network of blood vessels and nerves that course through every part of you. And it all starts with your gut. Read more


The Baby Box

To learn more about and follow the work of Pastor Lee Jong Rak of JuSarang Community Church, please visit: Read more


A Real Friend? Or A Deal Friend?


One day after getting off the phone, Dr. Arthur Brooks's 11-year old son asked who he had been talking to.

"Just doing a business deal with a friend, son," Dr. Brooks responded. Read more


Poverty Among the Elderly in South Korea

Such a heartbreaking look at a typical day in the life of an 82-year old Korean elder living in poverty - she is one of approximately 3 million elders living in similar circumstances in South Korea today. Read more


Free To Begin Anew


I spent much of my first few years of life with my aunt. I watched her go from being a student at the University of Toronto to working at a major Canadian bank to traveling back to Korea to get married, and finally to starting her own family in the Greater Toronto Area. Read more


Measuring Cardiovascular Risk with apoB

More on cholesterol and apoB from Dr. Peter Attia: Read more