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The Letter from Billy Elliot's Mum

This scene from Billy Elliot gets me every time - how heart-wrenching it is for us to realize how often Billy has been alone with the thoughts his mum wrote for him before she departed. Read more about The Letter from Billy Elliot's Mum


7 Ways to Care for Your Health Every Day

I'm often asked how to go about finding a family physician who emphasizes the importance of our daily choices and isn't quick to lean on prescription medications to address common health challenges. Read more about 7 Ways to Care for Your Health Every Day


Can Selfish People Change?

Hi Dr. Ben,

I've been following your blog for many years now and have found so much comfort in similar experiences that we've had with family and friends. I'm writing with hope that you can tell me your opinion on an issue that has been gnawing away at me since I was a teenager.

I have an older brother who I'll call Sam. I'm too exhausted to dance around this so let me just say that he's the worst person I know. He is a real creep. Please allow me to explain why. Read more about Can Selfish People Change?