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I am already subscribed to your newsletter and really enjoy it. Today I couldn’t get past the Subscribe pop up window until I completed it again. There’s either a glitch, or you are confirming whether I still want to receive the newsletter. I still do.
Thank you.

Hi Diane,

Thank you for writing to us, we are happy to help! Could you please send your an email to so that we can subscribe you to our newsletter?

We appreciate your support!

Any thing that helps and promotes good health I am willing to dedicate time to.
You only live once. Why not make it in best possible supernatural way.

Yes please continue sending emails to me.I really do enjoy the receiving them. Thamk you.

I am looking for a short routine that I can do at the end of day prior to going to sleep. Any suggestions?

Hi Tony! Thank you for your question. Below is the link to Dr. Kim's YouTube page which has numerous stretching videos that you can choose from to best suit your needs.

Have a lovely day!


Thank you so much for your newsletters! They have helped me in so many ways.

Need to say that I live in South Africa and although I have enjoyed and benefitted from so many of your articles over the past few years, I am not able to benefit from your offers because of distance and postal issues. I do hope you understand as I would certainly be interested in so much you have to offer if it was possible for me to do so. Kind regards. Mrs. Anne Dew.