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Frequently Asked Questions About
Dr. Ben Kim's Greens

Can pregnant women, infants, and children take Dr. Ben Kim's Greens?

Yes. Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is made out of whole foods only. Anyone - children, infants, and pregnant women included - can take Dr. Ben Kim's Greens.

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What is the exact nutrient profile for Dr. Ben Kim's Greens?

At the present time, we do not have an exact nutrient profile for Dr. Ben Kim's Greens. Producing an accurate profile is an extremely difficult task because we produce a limited number of bottles every month in order to provide the freshest ingredients possible. Each batch can vary ever so slightly in its proportions of green vegetables, not enough to make a difference in its healthful properties, but enough to make it difficult to accurately calculate the amount of vitamins and minerals in micrograms. It is similar to the case of trying to produce an accurate nutrient profile for a golden delicious apple. No two golden delicious apples will have the exact same profile of vitamins and minerals.

Despite the difficulties of producing an accurate nutrient profile for Dr. Ben Kim's Greens, here is what we do have available at the present time:

One tablespoon of Dr. Ben Kim's Greens contains:

Protein - 4.37 grams
Carbohydrates - 4.57 grams
Indigestible Fiber - 1.75 grams
Fat - 0.80 grams
Calories - less than 45

Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is approximately 38% protein, 7% fat, and 55% complex carbohydrates.

16% of the total volume is minerals derived from whole foods.
Non-toxic Iron - 12-20 mg per serving
Calcium - 75.5 mg per serving, balanced proportionately with Magnesium, Silica, Boron, & Phosphorus
Sodium - 77 mg
Probiotics - Approximately 43 billion cells per serving
B12 - 5 mcg (minimum) per serving

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Is Dr. Ben Kim's Greens 100 percent raw and made of plants only?

Yes. Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is a 100 percent raw, vegan product, made out of the highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients available.

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Does Dr. Ben Kim's Greens have to be kept in the refrigerator? How long does it keep for?

Dr. Ben Kim's Greens does not have to be refrigerated, although doing so won't affect its health value. Just be sure not to use a wet utensil inside of the jar. So long as you don't get the contents wet, Dr. Ben Kim's Greens will keep for at least two years.

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What kind of container does Dr. Ben Kim's Greens come in?

Dr. Ben Kim's Greens comes in an amber-colored glass jar with a metal lid for maximum nutrient preservation.

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Dr. Ben Kim's Greens
1 lb (17.6 oz, 500 grams)
~ 53-Day Supply

As low as $53.95 USD per bottle plus S&H
How is Dr. Ben Kim's Greens different from other green food products on the market?

Many green food products use cheap fillers like lecithin, oat bran, apple pectin, and apple fiber. These ingredients in and of themselves are not harmful to health. By and large, they are used to decrease manufacturing costs, and do not provide the same nutrient density and healthy benefits as green vegetables. Dr. Ben Kim's Greens uses high quality, nutrient dense green vegetables only, providing you with maximum health benefits. Upon trying our greens, we are confident that you will notice its superior quality immediately.

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If I take Dr. Ben Kim's Greens, can I do away with my multi-vitamin? Does Dr. Ben Kim's Greens have everything that I need in a nutritional supplement?

Although Dr. Ben Kim's Greens provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, it does not provide enough vitamin D, pure vitamin A, DHA, and EPA to meet your daily needs. This is why we take
Carlson cod liver oil along with Dr. Ben Kim's Greens. Together, these two nutritional supplements provide us with all the insurance we are looking for beyond the nutrients that we get from a nutritous, whole food, minimally processed diet.

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Is Dr. Ben Kim's Greens available at your clinic for people in Ontario to pick up? Why is S&H more expensive to Canada when you are located in Canada?

Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is only available through our website. It is more expensive to ship to Canada than to the States because Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is made and shipped from the States. My family pays shipping and handling like everyone else in Canada does.

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Is Dr. Ben Kim's Greens gluten-free?

Yes, Dr. Ben Kim's Greens is 100 percent gluten-free.

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Please note: If you prefer a whole food multi-vitamin and mineral formula that is in tablet form, I recommend our 100% Whole Food Vitamin and Mineral Formula

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