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What to Do When You Have Impacted Stool

Never a comfortable topic to discuss, but it's good to have some idea of what to try if you or a loved one ever experiences hardened stool that won't come out on its own.

First, it's vital to remember that whenever you have the urge to have a bowel movement, it's best that you relax rather than try to force stool out with exertion. Read more about What to Do When You Have Impacted Stool


Solutions for Chronic Headaches

In a previous post, we looked at some stretches and other physical measures that can be used to alleviate pain associated with tension-type headaches. In this post, we'll cover what can be done on the dietary front to address a common root cause of headaches. Read more about Solutions for Chronic Headaches


Healthy Foods that Promote Deep Sleep

If you're following sound advice on how to get a good night's rest, and still having trouble sleeping soundly, you may want to try eating a bedtime snack that combines a concentrated dietary source of tryptophan with a healthy carbohydrate-rich food. Read more about Healthy Foods that Promote Deep Sleep


How to Prevent Anal Fissures

Few health challenges can generate as much pain as a chronic anal fissure. This article explains how an anal fissure develops, and how to promote healing of an anal fissure using natural methods. Read more about How to Prevent Anal Fissures


How to Quickly Boost Mental Alertness and Energy with Acupressure

One of the first points that I learned about during my education in contemporary medical acupuncture was GV-26, also known as Governing Vessel 26.

GV-26 is also called Shui Gou, and is traditionally used as a first-aid revival point due to its effectiveness in restoring consciousness and mental alertness after a person has fainted or become extremely weak. Read more about How to Quickly Boost Mental Alertness and Energy with Acupressure


A Natural Approach To Treating Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer with seasonal allergies, you're well aware of how a sudden onset of scratchy and watery eyes, violent sneezing, and a constant runny nose can hamper your day. Sometimes called hay fever or allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergies affect tens of millions of people throughout North America every year.

What causes seasonal allergies? When an outdoor or indoor allergen comes into contact with your body, your immune system may trigger the production of an antibody called immunoglobin E, also called IgE. If this happens, the next time that you are exposed to that allergen, IgE antibodies in your body release a chemical called histamine, which sets off a series of chemical reactions that can result in any of the following eliminative reactions: Read more about A Natural Approach To Treating Seasonal Allergies


Comfortable Dress Shoes for Healthy Joints

After posting some recommendations on casual shoes and sandals for healthy feet, a number of readers wrote in asking about supportive dress shoes.

For the past few months, with the help of a few good men and women in my extended family, I was able to assess about a dozen pairs of dress shoes that made it onto my research list. Read more about Comfortable Dress Shoes for Healthy Joints


How to Sleep Better

When asked for advice on how to address any chronic health challenge, I like to remind my clients about the importance of getting deep, restful sleep. It's during restful sleep that your body produces hormones that are essential to healing (growth hormone, testosterone, and erythropoietin). These hormones work together with your self-healing mechanisms to restore every part of your health. Read more about How to Sleep Better


Natural Treatment Plan For Jaw Pain

During my first few years of private practice, for most cases of jaw pain and dysfunction, I applied a carefully executed manual adjustment to the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), also known as the jaw joint, found in front of each ear. This is the protocol that I learned as an intern from a supervising clinician. Read more about Natural Treatment Plan For Jaw Pain


Hiatal Hernia Treatment

Hiatal hernia is a condition that produces one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Pain/discomfort behind the breast bone (sternum), usually towards the bottom of the chest wall

  • Difficulty swallowing - a feeling that an obstruction in the lower chest wall is making it hard for food to pass through to the stomach

  • Heartburn

  • Chronic burping

Read more about Hiatal Hernia Treatment



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