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Health Concerns

Pomegranate Juice For Prostate Cancer

A study conducted at the University of California in Los Angeles and published in the July 1st, 2006 edition of Clinical Cancer Research suggests that drinking an 8 oz. glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis can significantly slow the progress of prostate cancer. Read more


The Health Benefits Of Eating Together As A Family

Families are often so busy that they can’t seem to find the time to eat dinner together. If you are a parent to young children or adolescents the current research suggests you may want to make the time to sit down and share meals. Read more


Don't Sleep Well? Modifying Your Thoughts and Behavior Can Be More Effective Than Taking Sleeping Pills

A study published in this month's Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that psychotherapy sessions can be more effective for treating insomnia than a sleeping drug called zopiclone, sold under the commercial name, Imovane. Read more


Six Ways To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Although we don't know and may never know the exact causes of Alzheimer's disease, we do know that several food and lifestyle choices are strongly linked to a decrease in one's risk for developing Alzheimer's.

What follows are six important food and lifestyle factors that can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

1. Drink Vegetable Juices Read more


The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi

For sedentary individuals who want to start exercising, but don’t know where to start, the very idea of the strenuous physical exertion involved in the currently popular fitness programs is probably enough to send them straight back to the couch. If the thought of huffing, puffing, pumping, extreme-stretching, and grimacing your way through a workout makes you want to retreat to the safety of your reclining armchair with a relaxing cup of tea and a jelly doughnut, then tai chi may be the exercise answer for you. Read more


Can Praising Others Cause Harm?

Several months ago, we had a young lady in her teens visit our clinic from the States for an eating disorder. Over the four-year period preceding her visit with us, her weight fluctuated between 70 and 165 pounds. Read more


Energy-Saving Tips

Here are some energy-saving tips that my wife and I use to keep our costs down and decrease our burden on the earth's natural resources:

  1. Your computer monitor uses approximately 60 percent of the total energy used by your entire computer. When you are not working on your computer but don't want to turn it off, at least turn off your monitor. Doing so will save you more energy than simply putting your computer on standby.

Choosing a Career in the Health Care Field

From Our Mailbag:

Dear Dr. Kim,

I have been receiving your weekly newsletter for several months now and would like to ask you for some advice on choosing a career in the natural health field. I can't decide between chiropractic, naturopathy, traditional medicine, and oriental medicine.

I know you are busy, but if possible, could you share your thoughts on what you would choose if you were to do it all over again? Read more


Beware of Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks like Red Bull, Sobe "No Fear," and Red Devil are all the rage these days, especially among teenagers and young adults.

According to a study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, these and other drinks that promise to boost your metabolism and energy can contain three to four times as much caffeine as a regular soda.

These drinks can make you feel more alert and energetic in the short term, but drinking them on a regular basis can and will hurt your health over the long term. Read more


Most Common Household Toxins

Exposure to household toxins is linked to just about every disease that we know of, most notably cancer. Numerous animal studies have linked many of the more than 24,000 toxins that exist in our environment to negative health effects on the following systems: Read more




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