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Like A Knife Cutting Through Water

Every now and again, my mom likes to teach me a Korean proverb. I think she does this because she knows how much I like learning new Korean phrases and tidbits of Korean culture that I missed having grown up in Canada.

One of the best proverbs that she has ever shared with me translates to:

Like a knife cutting through water.

Now before you start thinking that this proverb is similar to an English metaphor that involves butter, let me set you straight. Read more about Like A Knife Cutting Through Water


Nasal Congestion Treatment Tips

During the past few weeks, I've had an unusually high number of people ask me what they can do to relieve nasal and sinus congestion.

The first suggestion I have is to read an article that I wrote about How to Avoid Nasal Congestion.

The second suggestion is to wash our your nasal passageway in the following manner:

  1. Stand over your bathroom sink, turn on the cold water, cup your hands together to form a basin-like shape that allows the cold water to pool.
  2. Read more about Nasal Congestion Treatment Tips

Why Do Women Stop Breastfeeding?

The December 2005 issue of Pediatrics presents an important study that looks at reasons why women stop breastfeeding.

The study looked at data over 2 years (2000 and 2001) with the intent to discover:

1. If there are specific periods during which nursing moms are especially vulnerable to giving up breastfeeding. Read more about Why Do Women Stop Breastfeeding?


Dangers of Cheerleading

Do you know someone whose daughter is involved with cheerleading?

If so, you may want to tell him or her about a recent study in the journal Pediatrics, that reports that the number of cheerleaders that suffered concussions, broken bones, lacerations, sprains, and strains increased by more than 100 percent between 1990 and 2002.

According to the author of the study, Brenda Shields, on average, more than 16,000 cheerleaders between the ages of 5 and 18 in the United States visit a hospital emergency room with an injury each year. Read more about Dangers of Cheerleading


Vitamin D May Prevent Cancer

A recent study in the American Journal of Public health suggests that getting enough vitamin D can help prevent breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. Read more about Vitamin D May Prevent Cancer


Healthy Foods that Contain Vitamin A

Many plant-based eaters are under the impression that they can obtain all the vitamin A that they need from plant foods that contain carotenoids, particularly beta carotene found in foods like spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

It's true that some carotenoids like beta carotene can be converted to vitamin A in your body once they make it into your blood. What you may not know is that carotenoids are not always absorbed efficiently into your blood. Read more about Healthy Foods that Contain Vitamin A


The Best Treatment For A Twitching Eye

Have you ever wondered what makes the muscles around your eyes twitch and flutter from time to time? The answer to this question is relatively simple. And so is the remedy.

All of the six hundred plus muscles that exist throughout your body and head are supplied by nerves that originate in your brain. If you take it from the top, your brain induces a signal that travels down through your brain stem and spinal cord and out through peripheral nerves to reach each of your muscles. The flow of electricity through this pathway is what allows you to have motor control over your muscles. Read more about The Best Treatment For A Twitching Eye


Six Steps to Better Health

Almost every person who sends me a letter or calls our clinic requesting help asks some form of the following question: what can I do right now to get better?

Although I usually end up providing unique recommendations in accordance with each person's health condition(s) and life circumstances, there are six fundamental recommendations that I share with everyone who asks for help with their health: Read more about Six Steps to Better Health


Eight Things That I Know For Sure

One of my wife's favourite pastimes is to read Oprah Magazine at the kitchen table while sipping on a mug of hot tea. We actually go to the library once every couple of weeks to borrow a few issues of Oprah Magazine to have for this purpose.

From time to time, I like to flip through these magazines as well. I like some of Dr. Phil's advice on relationships, as well as Suze Orman's financial guidance. Read more about Eight Things That I Know For Sure


Ultrasound: Weighing the Propaganda Against the Facts

By Beverley Lawrence Beech

The use of ultrasound in antenatal care is big business, and in any big business marketing is all-important. As a result of decades of enthusiastic marketing, women believe they can ensure the well-being of their babies by reporting for an early ultrasound scan and that early detection of a problem is beneficial for these babies. That is not necessarily so, and there are a number of studies which show that early detection can be harmful. Read more about Ultrasound: Weighing the Propaganda Against the Facts




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