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Essential Stretches and Movement Exercises for Healthy Hips


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All very good, but not for the person who cannot get up and down from the floor! Do you have hip exercises one can do sitting or standing with chair for support?

Thank you for the video. I am going to try to do this every day! I was wondering if doing these exercises will help pain I am having at night. I tend to sleep RAO or LAO and wake up with (whatever side I am on) hip pain not in my hip ball and socket but on the side. Will these exercises help that?

It's difficult to speculate, Lisa. It could be any number of things, including a tendency for bursitis or a short IT band. I think it's definitely worthwhile to give these movements and stretches a go. If you need to contact me directly, my e-mail is Good luck!

Would these exercises be good for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles? I have bladder prolapse and need some good exercises for this. Thanks.

Christina, it's difficult to speculate on their effect on a prolapsed bladder. But these movements would only help, so I would give them a try. Good luck!