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The Champion Juicer: Our Favourite Juicer

Freshly pressed vegetable and vegetable/fruit juices are an essential part of the re-feeding program at our clinic. Our guests often ask what kind of juicer we use and recommend.

We recommend a Champion juicer.

Currently, we use the household model of the Champion juicer. We purchased it in 2003 and have used it practically every single day since we got it. Not always for ourselves, of course, as things can get mighty busy at our clinic. But whenever we make a batch of freshly pressed vegetable juice for our guests, we always make some extra for ourselves - one of several perks to running a fasting clinic.

Champion Juicer

Champion Juicer
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Champion Juicer
Household Model*

List Price: $359.00 USD
Our Price: $265.00 USD
Any Location in the
Continental U.S. ONLY
Please note that as of June 7, 2012, only black and white colors are being offered by the manufacturer. Other colors have been discontinued. Choose black or white at your shopping cart.

Champion Juicer
Commercial Model*

List Price: $400.00 USD
Our Price: $295.00 USD
Any Location in the
Continental U.S. ONLY
Please note that as of June 7, 2012, only black and white colors are being offered by the manufactuer. Other colors have been discontinued. Choose black or white at your shopping cart.

Here are a few of the features that we really like about the Champion Juicer:

  • It has been around since 1955 and has an impeccable reputation for being the workhorse of all juicers
  • We can use it for so many purposes - to make fresh baby foods, nut butters, banana ice cream, sherberts, and of course, a wide variety of vegetable and fruit juices
  • It doesn't make anywhere near the amount of noise that cheaper juicers do
  • It's super simple to set up with no nuts, bolts, screws, or clamps
  • It's much easier to clean than most centrifugal models that we have tried over the years
  • It has a large feeding chamber that reduces prep time by eliminating the need to cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces
  • It has a heavy-duty motor made by GE that delivers industrial strength power
  • It uses a masticating process that produces juices that have all of their key nutrients intact and ready to nourish
  • Its stainless steel construction makes it resistent to both wear and food odor
  • It comes with a 10-year limited warranty on all juicing parts and a 3 year warranty on its motor

Bottom line: the Champion juicer is one of the best juicers that you can get for the long term. Ours works just as well today as it did the very first day we used it back in the spring of 2003.

*A Direct Comparison Between The Household and Commercial Models of the Champion Juicer
  Household Commercial
Motor Shaft Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Horsepower 1/3 HP 1/3 HP
Watts 540 watts 650 watts
RPM 1725 1725
Operating Voltage 110 volts 110 volts

The commercial model is meant for juicing several times a day while the household model is well suited for a single family home. We are very happy with our household model.

You should only order a Champion juicer if you are really serious about using a juicer on a regular basis. The last thing that we want is for you to buy a juicer, make several juices during the first couple of weeks, and then have it sit as a big lump on your kitchen counter for your dish towels to drape over.

If you include freshly pressed vegetable juices in your diet on a regular basis, I am confident that you will notice a significant improvement in your energy level and overall quality of health. This has been the case for my family and guests of our clinic who have continued juicing upon returning home.

To help make juicing a regular part of your life, I have written a special 10-page report on how to make and use health promoting juices. This report includes:

  • The right ingredients for health promoting juices
  • How to optimally prepare and store the ingredients that go into your juices
  • 15 healthy juice recipes that we make on a regular basis in our household
  • The benefits of doing a cleanse with freshly pressed juices
  • How to carry out an effective juice fast
  • The best way to break your juice fast - which foods to eat and when to eat them

This special report is yours for free as a gift when you complete your order for a Champion juicer from our site. Just look for it in the view downloads section of your account area in our shopping cart.

Please note: once you complete payment for one of these juicers, you can expect to receive it within 7-10 business days.

Also note: Returns will only be accepted with an authorization number, which you can obtain by contacting us via e-mail. All authorized returns which are in sealed, factory fresh condition i.e. original packaging with all accessories and manuals, must be shipped at your cost to the manufacturer's warehouse. All returns are subject to a 15 percent re-stocking fee, and must be made within 15 days of you receiving your juicer. If your juicer has been used in any way i.e. if food has come into contact with any part of your machine, it cannot be returned. Also, any refund that is applied will not include original shipping and handling fees. This return policy reflects the fact that these juicers are offered at deeply discounted prices, primarily as a service to former guests of our clinic. Please do not order one if you are not absolutely serious about getting and using an exceptional juicer.

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