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Covid-19 Vaccine

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A number of readers have been asking for my opinion on whether it is a good idea to get vaccinated for covid-19 or not.  

I've refrained from sharing my thoughts on covid-19 over the past few months because of the volume of aggressive and combative messages that tend to come in from people who have views that differ from mine.  For example, I received many dozens of e-mails telling me that I'm an idiot for supporting the use of face masks - one person wasn't shy in swearing at me and asking why I was dumb enough to wear a diaper on my face.  

Out of respect for those who genuinely wish to know my personal view on getting vaccinated for covid-19, here it is:

I feel that across the board of companies that have developed vaccines for covid-19, all trials and the approval process have been rushed - it is for this one reason alone that I personally do not feel comfortable receiving any such vaccine at this time.  

I realize that there are people in healthcare, among first responders, and in other professions who feel they have little choice but to get vaccinated because of the nature of their work.  I sympathize with all such scenarios and sincerely hope that any vaccine taken will have a net positive protective effect.  None of us can possibly know about long term effects, if any, though we can be hopeful that for the masses, any negative effects will be tolerable and temporary.

Lastly for today, heartfelt thanks to all those who sent in good wishes over the holidays - though I wasn't able to respond to every message, I read each of them and greatly appreciate the time put into spreading such goodness.  

I must acknowledge that over the holidays, I was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of a dear friend in the States - she was only 58 years old and seemingly healthy.  For those who don't believe that covid-19 can cause serious problems even in relatively young and healthy people, I can tell you that I have seen evidence that indicates otherwise.

Wishing all of you and your loved ones safe days,



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