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Jonah Naturals: A Family of Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

Up here in Canada, we pretty much live enveloped by furnace heat a good six to eight months every year.

Combine this amount of exposure to furnace heat with hot water showers and baths, and you can imagine the amount of moisturizing that we do to prevent chronic dry skin and itchiness.

For our two boys alone, lotioning up their bodies after every bath is a solid ten to fifteen minute routine, one that has us go through several bottles of moisturizer every winter.

Because we're a bit fussy about what we expose our boys to, in early 2009, I went about testing dozens of natural moisturizer formulas to find one that I could feel completely good about using on our boys.

After many cycles of testing, tweaking, and re-testing, I was able to come up with two distinctly unique formulas:

Organic Aloe-Based Lotion for Oily or Combination Skin - This one is perfect for people who appreciate light lotions that absorb very quickly - included are a variety of organic herbs and antioxidants to help:

  • Refine skin texture

  • Reduce wrinkle formation

  • Fade sun spots and discoloration

Organic Aloe-Based Lotion for Dry or Extra Dry Skin - This is the one that we use for ourselves and our boys, as the four of us tend to have dry skin without regular use of a heavy duty moisturizer.


In developing these moisturizers, I also had the ladies in our family test a number of different organic face washes, and the formula that my mom, aunt, and grandmother couldn't stop raving about is described here:

Organic Mediterranean Face Wash

Not only is this therapeutic facial cleanser excellent for ongoing nourishment and cleansing, it contains a proprietary blend of herbs and minerals from the sea that promote repair of a wide variety of skin lesions, including blemishes and discoloration.

After testing it daily for a month, my mom was pretty flattered when my older sister did a double take during a visit and remarked how youthful my mom's skin looked.


All of these newly developed items are:

  • Free of parabens

  • Safe and effective for all skin types (though you should choose accordingly between the two moisturizers)

  • Over 70% organic, over 95% natural

As I researched various natural formulas on the market, I was surprised to discover that a number of "100% natural" formulations actually use chemical preservatives, even though their labels list only all-natural ingredients.

One well established lab even showed me tests that they ran on some popular natural brands that verified the presence of strong chemical preservatives.

With lotions, face washes, and other personal care products that sometimes sit for months in warm bathrooms, it's critical that small amounts of reliable preservatives are used to prevent spoilage of delicate herbs and natural oils.

In formulating our items, I chose to include the mildest preservatives available on the market to provide a safe and non-toxic product line.

Because this personal care product line was inspired by our two boys, Joshua and Noah, we decided to name it after them - hence, the name of Jonah Naturals.

Please feel free to have a look at these new natural health tools. Links once again:

Organic Mediterranean Face Wash

Organic Aloe-Based Lotion for Oily or Combination Skin

Organic Aloe-Based Lotion for Dry or Extra Dry Skin

All come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I hope that you find one or more to be helpful, should you need these types of products.

With best wishes,

Ben Kim


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A thought to ponder re: moisturizing...
Just to let you know, yours is the only newsletter I've EVER subscribed to.... I like your info, and I just love your attitude.
I moisturized religiously for eons until a natural practitioner suggested that when we augment our bodies' natural production of anything, our body may lighten up on producing the amount we need by being fooled into thinking we already have enough. So even though I had the driest skin of anybody I knew, patches in hot spots and all, I quit my ritual slathering on of moisturizers, oils, axle grease, WHATever. The first couple of weeks were severe itchy "alligator" time... but after's been literal "smooth" sailing. A very dry-skinned friend followed suit with the same result. Every body is different of course, but it is definitely something to consider.
Thanks again for doing the research legwork and creating a safe and trusted place for people to gather info, free and available to all. It is in the true spirit of living naturally.... and naturally, living.

Best to you and yours this holiday season and throughout...
Kathy Luccaro
Peace and goodwill is key...

Jonah Naturals by Dr. Ben Kim are the absolute best personal care products my family has ever used. My daughter and I have really sensitive and dry skin and your Jonah Natural products made us feel like we spent the day at the spa. Our skin feels and looks incredible and this all happened overnight!

I hope you are working on a Shampoo and Conditioner too. And since I didn’t see a body wash available, I used your Organic Mediterranean Face Wash as body wash with amazing results, followed by your Organic Aloe-Based Moisturizing Lotion.

We have been ordering natural personal care products from around the world for years, and in some cases we have been paying almost double the price of what yours cost. Without a doubt, Jonah Naturals wins hands down over the gazillion products we have tried. I ordered as soon as I got your email letting us know they were available and literally within 3 days from the time I ordered they were at my door in Arizona. You and your products are awesome Dr. Kim – Thank you!

Just a note about our experience: I have been struggling with a bad breakout for the past 2 weeks on my chin; a really inflamed cluster of red painful bumps/pimples and I have an important meeting in a couple of days, so I have been trying everything to get rid of them. Last night, I washed my face with your Organic Mediterranean Face Wash and by this morning my bumps were almost gone. The redness, inflammation and pain are gone and the area is almost completely healed – it’s absolutely amazing. My husband, who is not one to comment on lotion came into the office this morning and told me that Dr. Kim’s new lotion is the best. I couldn’t believe it - he made me feel his arm. He works out in the Arizona sun and owns a landscaping company, so I can’t wait to see how the Organic Moisturizing Lotion improves his skin in the long run. I know it has done miracles for us all overnight. I will keep everyone posted.

I emailed Dr. Kim this morning to see if he could ship out a bunch of gift packages for all my business associates and family in other states – I want to make sure they will make it in time for Christmas and I wanted to see if a gift note could be included in the shipment (Still waiting to hear back). I hope so; I want to send GIFT PACKAGES THAT INCLUDE:

The Organic Mediterranean Face Wash
The Organic Aloe-Based Moisturizing Lotion
The Raw Organic Honey – The best Honey on Earth
The Raw Cashew Nuts
The Vitamin D Drops -I think they are still out of the Vitamin D, but I would love to include that as well.

I have been racking my brain about what to send out to my attorneys, manufacturers, distributors, business associates and family in other states. The post office and stores are nuts and I didn’t want to send out the same old wine and snack baskets that contain such unhealthy treats; these people are important to me and I want them to be healthy.

Then I thought I would go and make my own organic gift baskets, but I am really busy and would have to fight the crowds buying baskets, products and boxes and go down to the insanely busy post office, etc. After trying the lotion and face wash, it occurred to me that I could just have Dr. Kim’s company send them out; they ship fast, have quality products and I know my gifts will be unique and appreciated by the recipients’ whole family. AND I am giving the gift of health this year while supporting the important work Dr. Kim and his family are doing. I hope it is not too late - wish I would have thought about it sooner.

Happy Healthy Holidays to Everyone and Especially to you Dr. Kim, Margaret, Joshua and Noah!

Lots of Love and Gratitude,

Nichol Nelson, Brad and Jax in Glendale, Arizona