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Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries:

Nature's Most Nutritious Fruit and a Super Healthy Snack Food

If you're looking for a truly healthy and delicious snack food that you can eat right out of the bag while at home or on the run, I give my highest recommendation to authentic Tibetan Goji berries, known in many parts of Asia as nature's most antioxidant-rich fruit. For more than 2,000 years, Tibetan Goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote longevity, organ strength, and emotional balance.

Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries

Traditionally dried Goji berries have a pleasant chewy texture, and taste like a cross between sweet cherries and plums. You can enjoy them straight out of the bag like we usually do, or you can add them to cold and hot cereals, smoothies, trail mixes, grain dishes, stews, and baked goods.

You can even add a handful of Goji berries to a bottle of water and enjoy your water with a hint of Goji sweetness; by the time you finish your water, you'll have soft and plump berries to gobble down.

Authentic Tibetan Goji berries have been observed by many health practitioners, myself included, to have the following physiological effects when consumed on a regular basis:

  • Prevent overeating by curbing appetite
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve eyesight, particularly in people who work in front of a computer on a daily basis

These and other health benefits are due to the many health-promoting nutrients found in authentic Tibetan Goji berries, the main ones being:

  1. Carotenoids - powerful antioxidants that can increase the strength of your immune system and decrease your risk of developing cancer. Goji berries are the richest food source of carotenoids that we know of.
  2. Vitamin C - another powerful antioxidant that can support your immune system. Regular intake of real vitamin C is essential to tissue healing and promoting healthy teeth and gums.
  3. Betaine - a nutrient that promotes healthy liver function.
  4. Healthy protein - Goji berries contain eighteen amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein (rare for plant foods).
  5. Numerous minerals - Goji berries are packed with twenty-one trace minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, germanium, and phosphorus. Goji berries have been measured to have 15 times more iron than spinach.
  6. Beta-Sitosterol - a powerful and all-natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  7. Natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents (sesquiterpenoids).
  8. Polysaccharides - nutrients known as "Master Molecules," which work together to support your immune system.

Goji berries are also a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E.

Raw, Organic Chocolate Nibs

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Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries

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Our 2-year old son loves our Goji berries. Often times when we take him for a stroll, we put a handful of berries in a cup holder that is at the front of his stroller. He'll eat just one berry at a time, and almost without exception, before placing each berry in his mouth, he'll hold it up with a thumb and index finger and examine it for a second or two as though he is a connoisseur of fine Goji berries. We're grateful that rather than eating cookies, chips, and other less-than-healthy treats, he enjoys Goji berries and other fruits as regular snacks.

Eating a handful or two of authentic Tibetan Goji berries every day is an easy and enjoyable way of supplying your blood and cells with antioxidants that may help to protect you against premature aging. Have a look at how Goji berries rank in antioxidant content according to the ORAC test (the higher the ORAC value for a food, the greater its antioxidant content):

Goji Berries
Dark chocolate
Brussels sprouts
Alfalfa sprouts

In researching different types of Goji berries, I quickly discovered that there is a wide variety of berries on the market. I am confident that the Goji berries that I ended up choosing as a food staple for my family and am now able to provide through our web site at a deeply discounted price are the highest quality berries in the world. I know that this is a bold statement, but I make it with confidence because I have spent many months researching, buying and sampling varieties of organic Goji berries from many different regions of Asia.

Our authentic Tibetan Goji berries are harvested according to wild crafting methods that in my opinion, far exceed organic certification standards in the United States. Our berries are grown in remote hills and valleys throughout Tibet and Mongolia (but mainly in Mongolia), where the soil is rich in nutrients and untouched by pesticides and other environmental pollutants.

The traditional botanical areas where our Goji berries are collected from meander between Tibetan and Mongolian areas that long ago, were considered to be one land. While official borders have changed over time, traditional growing areas for this special, limited berry have remained the same. Our Goji berries are referred to as Tibetan Goji berries because they grow in traditional Tibetan collection areas and have been used in Tibetan culture for many centuries.

Most Goji berries on the market are grown in China, mainly in the province of Ningxia, and most Chinese growers openly acknowledge using DDT and other "controlled" pesticides in their farming practices. Some varieties of Goji that are grown in China have tested positive for thirty or more toxic chemicals.

While there are some high quality Goji berries coming out of China, my research and testing has led me to conclude that the best berries in the world - in taste and nutritional quality - are those that have been growing for many centuries in the wild in Tibet and Mongolia. The temperatures in these regions range from very cold (-16 degrees F) to very hot (102 degrees F). This harsh climate is partially responsible for the unique nutrient density of our Goji berries, much like the harsh yet fertile conditions of Alaska consistently produce the most antioxidant-rich blueberries found in North America; the theory is that plants, when rooted in fertile soil, make more substances to protect themselves when they must survive in harsh environments.

Each purchase of our authentic Tibetan Goji berries helps to support Tibetan and Mongolian farmers and herbalists who are responsible for making this cherished food available to the rest of the world. Because our Goji berries are harvested only once per year, our supply is limited. Please note that there will be times when we won't have stock available; when the year's supply runs out, we must wait for next year's harvest.

Here are some specific details on the quality assurance measures that are in place to ensure that we provide only the highest quality authentic Tibetan Goji berries that are available anywhere:

  • The manufacturing facility where our Goji berries are prepared and packaged complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and has been certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

  • Our berries are washed in industrial grade stainless steel rotating drum cleaners that are equipped with water jets; the water that is used is high quality drinking water from an underground well. This washing process is essential to preventing bacterial contamination.

  • Raw, Organic Chocolate Nibs

    Order Now

    Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries

    18 oz. pouch

    List Price:
    $24.95 USD

    Limited Time Sale Price:
    $20.95 USD

    (plus S&H)

    3 or more: 19.95 USD per bag

    6 or more: 18.95 USD per bag

  • After going through a grading and sorting system, our Goji berries are oven-dried at very low temperatures. This method is preferred over sun or shade-drying, as sun and shade-drying can often lead to mold formation.

  • After being dried, our berries are vacuum packed according to Modified Atmospheric Packaging concepts. The package is then filled with nitrogen in order to inhibit growth of aerobic microorganisms and molds.

  • Each shipment of our berries is tested through in-house and outside labs for pesticides, lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium; year after year, our berries have always tested to be pure and free of contaminates.

Quotes From People Who Have Tried Our Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries:

"LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I tried some else's brand because I wanted to take some on a trip and had run our of yours. Boy, what a difference, your product is SO MUCH more better, the flavor, the tenderness, the amount I get for the price so much better. With the other product that I bought at a health food store, the berries were small and dry but at the same time got all stuck together. From now, my goji berries will be from you."

- F. Lewis, Oxnard, CA

"These berries are really really good...I have a tendency to want to eat the whole bag in a few days. I just can't help myself. I just find them so delicious especially in combination with raw almonds."

- Margie Jenkins, St. Petersburg, FL

"The taste is very good compared to some other brands I have tried. They plump very well when soaked in liquid. I have not yet put them to full use, but do enjoy a handful to eat like raisins."

- D. Jarrett, Huntsville, ON

"My husband uses has the goji berries in his oatmeal every morning, and feels that they contribute to his overall well being."

- Barbara La Chant, Jericho, NY

"These are great soaked in water then thrown in morning smoothie or just as snacks or in a salad."

- K. Barlow, Reno, NV

"I enjoy them soaked overnight along with steel cut oats and walnuts! Delicious, healthy, and a great start to my day!"

- M. Robb, Chandler, AZ

"What a convenient, healthy snack that is so accessible when in a hurry."

- J. Miller, Lancaster, PA

"I have it every morning as my first cup of tea for the day."

- Libby, Auckland, New Zealand

Please Note: As is the case with all of the products that we use and recommend through our web site, if you choose to purchase our authentic Tibetan goji berries, I recommend that you order more than one item at a time. This is because UPS (for orders in the States) and USPS (for orders everywhere else) charge one main fee to ship any package, and then add only modest increments for each additional item. Ordering more than one item at a time will significantly reduce your per-item shipping and handling charge. This principle holds true with any combination of items that you order from our recommended products section. For example, if you order a package of one of our raw chocolate products along with our Goji berries, then you will save significant shipping dollars per item.

If you have never tried any of our products and would just like to give one of them a try, then it makes sense to order only one item initially to make sure that you find it to be as effective as we do.

In addition to supporting Tibetan and Mongolian workers who make these special berries available to us, the modest profit margins on our Goji berries also help to support the work that we do on our web site - we greatly appreciate your support.

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