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Rexogun Massage Gun Review

This is a look at the Rexogun. In this video, I've highlighted some of the unique features of this gun that make it a bit different from others that I've reviewed in recent months.

The handle of the Rexogun is longer than most massage guns and is angled slightly away from the top of the gun which allows for easier reach and handling for certain body parts.

The on/off mechanism is built into the bottom of the handle - you twist it clockwise to turn the machine on, and counter-clockwise to turn it off. Once turned on, you'll see the head light up - six lights indicate that the battery is fully charged.

All of the massage heads are made of a soft yet firm silicone-like material - they're firm enough to provide a deep massage but they're also more comfortable than pure plastic heads.

The malleability of the attachments is most noticeable with the U-shaped head. As you run it along a large muscle group, you can see the U-shaped prongs flex - this flexibility translates to a more comfortable feel along the muscle group being massaged.

The one thing that I feel might be improved with this gun is that it can use a tackier or grippier material on the handle. It's still easy to hold and use, but I plan on adding a tennis overgrip to the handle for improved grip.

On an overall note, the Rexogun provides an excellent blend of power, maneuverability, and comfort. And it seems to be more quiet than most massage guns on the market, which is saying a lot, as all of the massage guns I've reviewed thus far have been comfortably low on the decibel scale.

Rexogun has provided the following affiliate discount link for our readers who are interested in learning more about their gun:

Rexogun Massage Gun

If you have any questions, please use the comments section.

Many thanks to Rexogun for sending me this sample for review.


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