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Scapular Hanging Progressions and Brachiating Basics with Dewey Nielsen

If you are mobile and functionally strong enough to condition your shoulders and scapulae with hanging and swinging exercises, I believe you'll appreciate the progressions in the following videos by Dewey Nielsen. If your body isn't yet ready for hanging and swinging, you can gradually build your mobility and strength via a routine like the one shown here:

Mobility and Functional Strength Routine

"Our shoulders are meant to hang from things. These are all incredible drills for building serious scapular stability and great at any point in training. Use these before brachiation and use the basic bar hang to build the strength for a basic body-weight pull-up." - Dewey Nielsen

"Brachiation is a form of locomotion using the arms to swing and travel from object to object." - Dewey Nielsen

For more on Dewey Nielsen and his work, please visit:

Dewey Nielsen @ Impact Performance Training


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