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Quercetin, Professional Grade - 90 Tablets
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Quercetin is selectively formulated to provide one of nature's most active biological response modifiers, making it a highly effective natural remedy for seasonal allergies.

Environmentally caused allergies and inflammation are common. To naturally mediate allergic response requires antioxidant action, membrane stabilization, histamine regulation, and inhibition of the allergic cascade.

Quercetin is consistently the most biologically active flavonoid in research studies. Many medicinal plants owe their biological activity and beneficial effects to their high quercetin content.

Naturally occurring in cranberries, blueberries, and citrus fruits, this unparalleled bioactive antioxidant promotes healthy histamine levels and supports the body's natural response to potential allergens.

Supporting vascular health, quercetin also plays a significant role in promoting good overall health.

Simply put, quercetin is a powerful free-radical quencher. Here's a look at the nutrition facts panel of our 100% whole food quercetin formula:

When taking this formula to address existing seasonal allergies, it's best to start with one tablet daily, taken first thing in the morning. If more help is required, one can take an additional tablet in the afternoon or evening.

For more information on a natural approach to addressing seasonal allergies, please feel free to view:

A Natural Approach To Treating Seasonal Allergies


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