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Healthy For Tennis

Shoes and Sandals for Healthy Feet

A few summers ago, I mentioned that we purchased Keen Newport Sandals for our boys to give their growing bodies optimal support from the ground up.

I've since received many notes from readers who have found Keen's H2 model to be helpful for a wide variety of physical problems surrounding the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the lower back region. Read more about Shoes and Sandals for Healthy Feet


Six Ways To Reduce Risk Of Injury

There's no question that it's healthy to engage in exercise and activities that create and maintain muscle mass. Beyond warding off osteoporosis, regular exercise that builds up and sustains muscle can significantly decrease risk of diabetes type 2, as skeletal muscle acts as a storage reservoir for excess sugar that makes its way into your bloodstream. Put another way, the more skeletal muscle mass you maintain, the greater capacity your body has to prevent diabetes and other types of cardiovascular disease. Read more about Six Ways To Reduce Risk Of Injury


How to Reduce Risk of Elbow and Wrist Injuries

Being a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a certified tennis nut, over the years, I've found that a few specific stretches and massaging techniques can reduce risk of elbow and wrist injuries. Most of the top pros, most notably Murray and Nadal, bring their own physios with them on the road to do this work for them, but it's easily done on your own with some know-how. Read more about How to Reduce Risk of Elbow and Wrist Injuries


Most Important Stretch for Healthy Shoulders

Where there is shoulder pain due to impingement, frozen shoulder, or subacromial bursitis, an often overlooked root cause is a tight shoulder capsule.

What is your shoulder capsule? Read more about Most Important Stretch for Healthy Shoulders


Interview With Carol Zhao

In January of 2013, I had a chance to interview Carol Zhao - one of Canada's top tennis players - as she competed at the Australian Open Junior Tournament, where she and Ana Konjuh from Croatia captured the doubles title.

Though well recognized for her exceptionally solid all-court game, Carol is even better known in tennis circles for her likeable personality and wide range of interests, including the Dallas Cowboys, The Script, and strawberry-flavoured beverages.

Her emotional poise and desire to learn will undoubtedly fuel many meaningful experiences in the months and years ahead on the pro tour and around the campus of Stanford University, where she will begin undergraduate studies in September of 2013. Read more about Interview With Carol Zhao


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