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Thera Cane:
The Best Self Massaging Tool That I Know Of

If you or someone you know can benefit from a highly effective self massaging tool to address various bodily aches and pains, I encourage you to learn more about Thera Cane.

Thera Cane

Thera Cane
List Price: $39.95 USD
Our Price: $28.95 USD
Plus S&H

Order two or more and get 10% off

I first learned about Thera Cane back in 1994 when I saw a classmate in chiropractic school using one to work out a few knots in some tight muscles along his shoulders and upper back during class.

After trying it for just a few minutes, I was extremely impressed with its strong and sleek design. I remember being amazed at how easy it was to put just the right amount of stress-relieving pressure on several hard-to-reach muscle groups.

Here are the main reasons why I like this tool and have been recommending it to my chiropractic patients since 1997:

  • You can use Thera Cane to put any amount of therapeutic pressure on just about every area of your body - your neck muscles, all of the muscles throughout your shoulders and back, your hip muscles, and even the muscles that line the bottom of your feet

  • Because of its ergonomic and light-weight design, you'll have no problem using it all over your body, so long as you can move your hands and arms

  • Unlike massage chairs and bulky self massage tools, Thera Cane requires that you use your hands, arms, and shoulders, which in turn, promotes healthy range of motion in the joints of your upper extremities and spine

  • Thera Cane doesn't require batteries or electricity - you can use it anywhere

how to use Thera Cane

Thera Cane has a unique, patented design that features six treatment balls, all strategically placed to allow gentle or deep massage to major muscle groups throughout your body.

Rods #2 and #3 allow you to use your hands to create a tremendous amount of leverage with Thera Cane, making it easy to apply deep massage to your back muscles with very little arm and hand strength.


Here are a few simple diagrams that illustrate how easy it is to use Thera Cane:

These are just a few of the many diagrams that are in the instructional booklet that comes with Thera Cane.

Over the years, I have found Thera Cane to be particularly useful for:

  • Relieving muscle tension anywhere in your body, but especially in your shoulders and upper back

  • Relieving muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Improving overall blood circulation

  • Improving joint function through your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and spine

  • Decreasing and sometimes eliminating tension headaches associated with tight upper back and neck muscles

Please note: Thera Cane is extremely durable, made out of a strong fiberglass material. Its product specifications are as follows:

Height: 24 inches    Width: 15 inches   Diameter: 1 inch   Weight: 1 lb

Thera Cane

Thera Cane
List Price: $39.95 USD
Our Price: $28.95 USD
Plus S&H

Order two or more and get 10% off

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