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Shanghai Bok Choy Recipe


1 package of Shanghai bok choy - approximately 8 small to medium heads
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of minced garlic
1-2 cups of vegetable broth or water
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
Sea salt, to taste


Cut the ends off the bok choy heads so that the leaves separate. Rinse leaves in a sink or basin full of water. Rinse a few times, using fresh water each time, as the grit tends to linger. Drain. Read more


Hazelnut, Fig, and Coconut Log Recipe


2 cups of raw hazelnuts, soaked in water for 5 hours, then dried in a towel and roughly chopped
1 cup of dried black mission figs, soaked in water for 1 hour, then drained
1/2 a cup of dates, soaked in water for 1 hour, then drained
1/4 cup of raw cacao powder
1/4 cup of water
1 cup of sesame seeds, soaked in water for 5 hours, then dried in a towel
1 cup of shredded coconut


Use a food processor to bring together hazelnuts, figs, dates, cacao, and water. Read more


Vaginitis: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Vaginitis is a condition that often goes unaddressed by women and their health care providers due to many people often feeling embarrassed about it. Vaginitis is also frequently misdiagnosed as a urinary tract infection, which can leave a woman unaware of lifestyle factors that are chronic, recurrent causes of vaginitis. Read more


A Common Household Chemical That Can Cause Lung Damage

Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences report that exposure to a chemical found in mothballs, air fresheners, and toilet deodorizers can cause lung damage and possibly even lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

The chemical in question is called 1,4-dichlorobenzene or 1,4-DCB. If you know what mothballs smell like, you know exactly what 1,4-DCB smells like. 1,4-DCB is a volatile organic compound - a chemical that is given off as a gas from common household products. Read more


Treat Yourself As You Treat Others (If You Believe In Being Kind)

As the parent of a toddler, I find that I am often calling out reminders during my son’s play with other children. I tell him, “Be gentle!” He hasn’t learned to talk yet and I don’t know how much he understands, but I am always on my toes to make sure that he plays nicely. Read more


Carrot, Beet, and Jicama Salad Recipe


2 medium red beets, peeled and shredded
1 small to medium jicama, peeled and shredded
2 medium to large carrots, peeled and shredded
3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tablespoons of vinegar
2 teaspoons of any variety of mustard
Sea salt, to taste


If you don't have a good shredder that can process the beets, jicama, and carrots, into neat, thin strips, you can use a good knife to julienne these vegetables into matchstick-like strips. Read more


Natural Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

According to researchers at the Childrens Hospital Boston, surgery used to remove breast cancers can sometimes promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) that can contribute to metastatic cancer development later on. This hypothesis is congruent with the tendency for younger women who develop breast cancer to experience early recurrences of their cancers.

Researchers looked at data from 1,200 women who had surgery to remove breast cancers. They found that the two most common periods for recurrence was at 18 months and five years post-surgery. They also found that 20 percent of premenopausal women with breast cancer whose cancer had spread to their lymph nodes experienced recurrence within 10 months of surgery to remove their primary breast cancer tumours. Read more


Modified Amino Acid Can Quell Addiction To Cocaine

In late 2005, I made an interesting observation as I did a review of my patient files. I found that among patients who were less than 50 years of age and who came to me with some form of cancer or neurological disease, more than 75 percent reported a history of cocaine use. Experience has taught me that some people do not feel comfortable disclosing a history of recreational drug use, which means that in all likelihood, this number is even higher. Read more


Rice and Chickpea Casserole Recipe


2 cups of brown or white rice, uncooked
1 can of chickpeas
1 red or vidalia onion, chopped
Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil
Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice
Fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, or basil
Sea salt, to taste


Cook rice using two cups of water for white rice, or four cups of water for brown rice.

Drain chickpeas and boil them for 1-2 minutes. Drain again. This will help remove any preservatives that may have come with the chickpeas. Read more


Bad Marriage Equals Bad Health

An interesing study out of Brandeis University and University College in London and published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine reports that spouses in bad marriages face greater risk for serious health problems.

The study goes on to say that marital problems affect men and women equally, increasing both spouses' risks for stroke and heart disease. Read more




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