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I feel your pain. I had a similar incident with my mother. When I left her church and became a born-again Christian, she stopped speaking to me. After several months, she came around to accepting my new life. She never approved of it but accepted it. Keep praying for your father. God is able to soften the toughest of hearts. I'm praying for your family. I enjoy all your posts. Thanks.

It's wonderful that you went to such a great effort to understand and communicate with your father, and thank you for generously sharing your experience with your readers. It's inspiring to those of us who are dealing with toxic family situations and feel like giving up sometimes.

As far as I am (Argentina). This letter of yours has a lot of meaning to me. A lot. Thank you for sharing. You and your father can have my deepest respect. You two are not alone in trying to reconciling (sorry my spelling) thoughts and points of you. But love each other. Thats for granted. I know. Regards from Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Thanks so much for your helpfulness. We need to think about what we are consuming as indivuals ..................... It makes me sick that more than half our nation screams "over weight" and another common cry includes such quandaries as "which diet plan should I buy?????.... that's nothing more than junk............"mail order planned garbage!" Wake up,America! You are....... what you eat!