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A Game that Develops Reaction Time, Agility, Balance, and Hand-Eye Coordination

Updated on May 2, 2019

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the work of Patrick Herzog, a functional therapist in Germany who makes use of an Indiaca when training his clients.

I was fascinated by this "floating pin," as I called it, and reached out to Patrick to find out what it was and where to get it.

Popular in Europe, India, and South America, an Indiaca - also called a Peteka - behaves like a jumbo badminton birdie, only it has a soft foam disc at its bottom that you can contact with your hands, feet, paddles, racquets, or anything else to keep it floating through the air.

The Peteka that we use isn't readily available at Amazon these days, but a similar one that is reasonably priced can be found here: Kick Shuttlecock

The applications are limitless. You can simply see how many times you and a partner or group of people can hit it back and forth without it touching the ground. You can define boundaries and play a version of badminton, looking to get the Peteka to touch the ground on your partner's side before she can do the same to you.

Playing with a Peteka naturally develops reaction time, agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, and overall fitness. And you can imagine the contagious goofy smiles that break out when swatting one around. I dare you to play this game with a stoic face!

In this video, our goal was to keep it airborne while moving around in circles.

If you have a favourite game with an Indiaca or Peteka, please consider sharing in the comments section below.


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Indiaca looks like fun. I play a lot of pickleball. It's the fastest growing sport in world! Lots of x tennis,racket ball players joining. Here's a link to a news story on the game.

Who is the older person in all/most of the exercise videos? It actually looks like it might be Dr. Kim's older son b/c the person is so agile and young looking. Is it Dr. Kim?? WOW, if it is, I think we all need to follow everything he does so WE look and move that well (-: !

Thank you for making my year, Milia. :) That is a very generous observation!