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Massage Gun Unboxing: Light, Powerful, and Quiet

Many thanks to for the opportunity to review their massage gun.

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As shown in this video, a highly effective way of using a massage gun is to apply the percussive force to a tight or shortened muscle and simultaneously take the joint that is governed by that muscle through its natural range of motion - this reproduces the effect of "active release technique," a popular therapeutic approach utilized by many manual therapists.

Just a couple of years ago when high quality massage guns like this one were on the market for several hundred dollars, I created a video showing how to build a do-it-yourself massage gun with basic tools and a lacrosse ball. Today, companies like make it possible to have a far better product for extraordinary value.

Beyond being highly maneuverable, this percussive massage gun is incredibly quiet, even at its maximum setting.

If you prefer a massage gun with a digital screen, I can recommend the following similar device:

Percussive Massage Gun With A Digital Screen


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