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Champion Juicer - Commercial Model


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Please note that this deeply discounted price includes S&H to all locations in the continental U.S., and that the purchase price of this juicer doesn't count towards any special promotions.

The commercial version of the Champion juicer has slightly thicker wiring than the household version and is meant for juicing several times on a daily basis. This juicer comes with our highest recommendation for its performance, value, and durability.

Please note: We are able to ship this juicer to locations in the continental United States only.
Please do not order this juicer unless you are ordering it to an address in the continental United States.

Be sure to create an account while you are going through the checkout process. After paying for your order, go to your account area in our shopping cart for a complimentary copy of my special 10-page report "Juicing and Juice fasting" on how to make and use health promoting juices.

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Anne on 07/25/2017 05:11am
I bought this Champion juicer probably 18 years ago or so, and it is still going strong. I use it frequently, sometimes everyday. I use the filter with the larger holes, so I get more fiber. Can't remember if it came with two, or if I ordered the other. It works great. The leftover fiber is quite dry, meaning most of the juice is extracted. I often add some of the fiber back in, depending on how I feel, to extract even more juice. I have used other juicers (visiting friends), and end up with a lot of juicy fiber left. Also, I often put some of the fiber back through the juicer to extract even more juice. Sometimes it is better for my digestion to have less fiber. Nothing on the has broken even after all these years of use. Clean-up is always quite easy. The only thing is that you need a little hand dexterity and strength to put it together and take it apart. It is a great juicer, easy to use, very easy to clean, and I am glad I have it. All the others I have seen can be so so hard to clean such a chore to take apart and put together, and a pain to store. Granted, this one is heavy -- so again, if you are lacking strength, you won't be able to easily lift it. But I am a 105 lb. woman 5' tall 60 and I have no problem. Besides, you can just leave it in one spot. And it is fairly easy to slide on a smooth counter top, from one place to another. Overall, you will like this juicer very much!
Paulone. EversleyP on 04/30/2012 11:02pm
I have a champion juicer it works very good I love it the best only thing I cannot get juice is the wheat grass everything else is great
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