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Holistic Audio Programs

Dr. Ben Kim's Catalogue of Holistic Audio CDs.
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EarthRain:  For Deep Relaxation
EarthRain iis soothing blend of relaxing music, quiet rainfall, and other comforting sounds of nature that can greatly enhance relaxation, visualization, and meditation sessions.
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Soft Ocean Dreamland: Natural Sleep Aid
Soft Ocean Dreamland is a 50-minute audio track that's designed to help users fall into a deep, peaceful, and refreshing night's sleep.
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5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 by 3 reviewers)
Your Best Weight and Health
A groundbreaking, holistic program to help you naturally experience your best weight and health.
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Inner Focus:  For Mental Focus
Inner Focus is an audio track that employs groundbreaking technology that tunes your natural brainwaves to a frequency that promotes optimal mental focus and alertness.
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