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Tesla's Model 3: The Safest Car In The World

Many thanks to Cameron of The Tech of Tech for this comprehensive look at why Tesla's Model 3 has the highest safety rating in the world.

With virtually no maintenance costs (no oil to change) and massive savings in using electricity rather than gas, over five years of ownership, the Tesla Model 3 is actually less expensive to own and operate than most trims of the Toyota Corolla and other similar gas-powered vehicles.

I've spent the past several months looking closely at the pros and cons of Tesla's electric vehicle lineup vs. traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and I've decided that the next time we need a vehicle, we will go with the Model 3 by Tesla.


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Hi Dr. Kim, what do you think of EMFs coming from electric cars? There are some who say that they are very harmful. I'd love to get your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Along those lines, I suspect that "safest car" refers only to its performance in car crashes and doesn't considering EMR. In fact, just yesterday I began to consider selling my Prius. Increasingly I notice that I'm fatigued after driving it, and I suspect it's because of EMR.

Having just met a lovely lady who is terminally ill, I would never buy an electric vehicle. 3 years ago, she arrived at a gentlemans house who took one look at her new car and said... Get rid of the car it's going to give you cancer. She didn't believe him. He worked in a factory making electric cars in Russia and they weren't allowed to work there for more than two years because of the cancer risk. Interestingly he was using an anti cancer protocol, the same one I was recommending to her. I cant prove it is all related but it's a pretty scary coincidence.

How is the Electric Car charged - from an electrical outlet, right ?
So aren't we burning fuel to supply this power ?

John Edwards, I charge my Tesla at home from my solar panels. Free. No emissions. Perfect. Beautiful. [Really, everybody should go solar, it's the right thing to do.]

we are thinking of getting a chevy bolt. Who woulda thunk!? we have had 3 prius hybrids, and the latest one is a '12 plug-in hybrid. It doesn't go as far on a charge, but it gets my husband to work and back daily. We have bought into a community solar field, so our electric use is pretty 'free'. We love that. Everyone we have talked to has loved the Bolt. It does go from 0 to 60 very fast. I'm not aware of its safety features. But I am guessing it is much cheaper than a tesla. We are planning to get a tesla 'charger'i think it is. To use in case of loss of power instead of a generator.

It's a good option, Susan. And to pair any electric vehicle that you have with a Tesla power wall makes a lot of sense to have that stored energy on hand, better than any generator one could have. Thank you for sharing!

John, even if your electricity comes from a coal-fired power plant, because of the much higher efficiency of EVs, a lot less fossil fuel is being burned to power an EV looking at it in an apples-to-apples way re: miles driven. Plus, the smoke stacks of coal plants can have scrubbers, cars can't. Then there's the inherent efficiency of one large power plant charging 1000 EVs versus 1000 tiny power plants (car engines running on gas). And if your power utility adds solar, your EV gets cleaner, and you did nothing. Lots of power plants are doing this, not for environmental reasons, but to lower their operating costs now that the tech has come of age.

TLDR: Tesla is awesome. Buy one.

I placed my reservation for the Model 3 in early 2016 as soon as online reservations opened up, before Elon revealed the final design of the car, and took delivery September 2018. I ordered the Long Range (LR), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), with 19" Sport Wheels, full self-driving capability, and Autopilot. I refuse to drive in the snow, so I personally cannot state whether RWD is just as good as All Wheel Drive (AWD) in the snow – but many RWD owners say that it is.

My previous car (which I still own) is an Audi A4. In the Tesla, I love that I don't have to put gas in the car, there are no oil changes, I can charge at home, there are numerous charging stations and a Supercharger nearby. My son took a mini road trip (200 miles) yesterday and had no range anxiety due to the abundance of chargers along the route. The car is incredibly fast, and has regenerative braking, so I rarely use the brake pedal (thus the brakes last longer).

The interior doesn't have the bells and whistles of the A4, which is a pro and a con. The interior is much cleaner without the various gadgets, but it can be tricky to navigate the touch screen while driving. While driving, I mainly use the screen to change the speed of the wipers and to select to adjust the side mirrors – the actual adjusting is using the little scroll wheels on the steering wheel. It would be safer to have those options (wiper speed and mirror selection) as interior buttons, like in the A4. I also would have liked to have haptic screen feedback, so I can tell when I have pressed something. I find the rearview mirror is too small and there are blind spots. On the screen, you can select to view the traffic behind you, instead of using the default GPS map, so that is a workaround for the blind spots.

The paint is a work in progress; the paint on the Audi is tough, and if I breathe on the Tesla, I swear the paint gets marred! Tesla is a new car company, so I’m confident the paint will improve by the time I get my next Tesla. I like the over the air software updates, so my car is constantly improving. I’ve had to schedule service once, and a Tesla Ranger was dispatched to my house to repair my window (it wasn’t closing properly), replace the Frunk (Front Trunk) latch, and to check out the charge port error message. It’s a convenient service to provide, so I didn’t have to drive to Seattle for repair.

It’s a fun car to drive, I feel it was a good investment, and I highly recommend Tesla as a whole. I have friends who own the S and the X, in addition to the 3, and they love them all. And yes, it's a very safe car!

Dr. Kim

Did you consider or measure the EMF's inside the Tesla?

Yes, Arlen, but only with my inexpensive hand-held meter which I bought from Amazon many years ago. I measured while sitting in all three models - the X, S, and 3. I did not find it to register levels that would be problematic. I think the bigger issue is what a person's total exposure is to the large battery that sits at the floor of an electric vehicle. If a person commutes for a total of 2 or 3 hours a day, there would be much greater exposure over the course of several years vs. someone who uses it locally for errands. Even with daily use, all things considered, for the average adult, I feel that a Tesla is a safer choice than a vehicle utilizing an internal combustion engine. Just my opinion, and I encourage everyone to do their own research and make their own choices.

I have owned my Tesla Model 3 for 8 months and I love this car. I will NEVER own a gas-powered car again. Actually, I expect to drive this car (happily) for the rest of my life, as Elon Musk says they will go a million miles. This car's features are phenomenal, ie., climate control for pets left alone in car on hot/cold days, not to mention the advanced driver-assistance system of autopilot. It drives like a dream and has POWER -- will go from 0 to 65mph in 4.4 seconds. It's so quiet and smooth. I have solar panels at home so I'm driving for free around my area. Super-chargers are all over the country for charging on trips with 315 miles on a full charge (about $13). At the tesla website check out all the features. Mind blowing. And it looks so cool too! Love my Tesla, love my Tesla, love my Tesla!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Elon! You're my hero.

Hi, I have test driven both the S and the 3 and I was very impressed. I admire Elon Musk's drive and innovation, he is a pioneer and a radical game changer. Everyone else is now scrambling to keep up with him and I do understand Tesla has had some glitches and problems. His cars are the only one's for me and I plan to get a 3 asap. My last car was a prius. Other car manufacturers want to avoid electric cars because they want to keep their dealers happy because they want to make $ doing repairs, oil changes and changing parts. Car dealerships do NOT want electric cars because their repair revenue will plummet. We now have technology that is 25 years ahead yet it is being suppressed because fossil fuel companies and our gov't want us to stay dumb and co-dependent on antiquated energy sources. There is NO need to be tied to fossil fuels. Get a Tesla and power it with solar panels. Thank you for a great article/video, rachel