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Your Best Weight and Health

The Last Program You'll Ever
Need to Experience Your Best Weight

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Your Best Weight and Health, a holistic program that uses the most advanced principles of mind-body medicine to help you naturally experience your best weight and health.

This program brings together the most effective mind-body tools that I've used over the past 12 years to help patients from all over the world achieve their health goals.

Before we look at the special mind-body tools in this program, I’d like to share with you a story that had an enormous impact on my life when I first heard it many years ago - it’s about Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

Before Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, people felt that it wasn’t physically possible for human beings to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

During his training sessions, Roger repeatedly visualized himself running a mile in under 4 minutes. He did this so often that there were moments when he felt that he had already done it – his imagination had crossed the border into his perception of reality. Put another way, he created an enormously powerful belief that he would accomplish his goal.

Ultimately, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile barrier because he believed that it was possible.

The most fascinating part of Roger Bannister’s story is that after he broke the 4-minute barrier, it was broken 26 times the following year. And as track and field enthusiasts know, it’s been broken thousands of times since then.

In retrospect, we can see that when Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, he also broke the collective belief that human beings couldn’t run a mile in under 4 minutes. When others realized that it was possible, they too, began to believe they could do it, which led to them manifesting their beliefs.

My point in sharing Roger Bannister’s story is this:

The thoughts and beliefs that you choose every moment of every day, even in your sleep, are the main determinants of your weight and health.

As you think and believe, so you will experience.

Over time, your body becomes a printout of the thoughts and emotions that you consistently experience.

I created Your Best Weight and Health to help you adopt thought patterns and beliefs that will make it natural for you to experience your best weight and health.

This program isn’t about you surrendering your will. You’ll be in control the entire time.

Though there will be times when you’ll be in a deep state of relaxation, you’ll be able to come out of it whenever you want to.

Throughout the course of this program, I’ll be talking with you as though you were in my office, right next to me.

And here's something that you should know from the get-go:

This program does not emphasize a specific diet or counting calories. In fact, aside from one concise paragraph on calories, there's no other mention of calories in this program. My experience has been that counting calories does not work for the vast majority of people, at least not in the long term.

Tools to Create Extraordinary Change...But Not for Everyone

When properly applied, the mind-body tools in this program can change the momentum of your health and life in a powerful, lasting way. I know this because I have seen it happen for patients and clients from all over the world.

And on a personal note, I have used the tools in this program to manifest every major, positive experience of my life over the past 12 years, including vastly improving my health, starting a family, creating the type of practice that I believe in, and even developing this website to share health information with others.

I recommend that you consider using the mind-body tools in this program if:

  • You want to naturally move toward your best weight without making food and diet your primary focus in life.

  • You want to experience your best weight and health.

  • You want to feel more emotionally balanced.

  • You want to feel less fear, anxiety, and depression.

  • You want to feel more genuine connections with others.

  • You believe that no one can take better care of your weight and health than you.

  • You want to stop counting calories and instead, enjoy a wide variety of easy-to-prepare, nutrient-dense, and mouthwatering meals (Yes, this program comes with a large collection of simple and delicious recipes that call for commonly available foods that can fuel your path to your best weight).

What Woke Me Up to the Power of the Mind-Body Connection...

My own interest in mind-body medicine began many years ago when I was searching for answers to my own health challenges. I stumbled upon a book that introduced me to the art of guided visualization. One particular passage in that book instructed me to close my eyes and imagine making and drinking a glass of cold, tart lemon juice. When I opened my eyes and realized that just thinking about drinking pure lemon juice caused my mouth to water, I understood the message:

Each thought and emotion that we experience has some physical impact on our bodies.

When I began my practice, I shared thoughts on mind-body medicine with patients that seemed open to a holistic approach to healing. And over the years, I have found that people who embrace the roles that their thoughts and emotions play in determining their overall health tend to be the ones who experience the greatest gains with their health.

I eventually realized that a critical key to achieving our health goals is to build and maintain a foundation of emotional strength and balance to help us consistently make the dietary and lifestyle choices that are needed to experience our best weight and health.

Let’s face it: it doesn’t take long to figure out what we need to do to experience our best weight and health. The key is to consistently make the right dietary and lifestyle choices, and this just doesn’t happen by accident.

This program will empower you to embrace all of the thoughts and beliefs that you need to assure that you regularly make healthy food and lifestyle choices, which will naturally lead to you reaching and maintaining your best body weight and experiencing your best health.

Your Best Weight and Health - Program Details

The mind-body tools in this program are split up into 3 parts, with each part on its own CD.

Disc One - Your Best Weight and Health

In disc one, we'll establish the foundation for your best weight and health, a foundation that is based on discovering and embracing your most important core values, and the vision that you have for your life.

This is the foundation that you need to move on to becoming an expert at using the connection between your mind and body to bathe each of your cells with a healthy balance of hormones and neurotransmitters that will help you get to and stay at your best weight.

Also in part one, we'll go over one of the most important keys to experiencing your best weight and health: Promoting flexibility of all of your largest muscle groups.

Your ability to be physically active depends to a large degree on how flexible you are. If your large muscle groups are stiff, your nervous system knows this, and subconsciously, you know that you’re more likely to hurt than help yourself by being physically active.

When you lengthen your largest skeletal muscles and keep them flexible over a long period of time, you experience better blood flow to these muscles, their tendons, and the joints that these muscles and tendons surround and control. In turn, the sensory receptors in your joints tell your nervous system and subconscious that you’ll thrive while being physically active.

It’s no coincidence that the best athletes in the world tend to exhibit incredible flexibility of their largest skeletal muscles - Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm are prime examples of such athletes.

The bottom line is this: make regular stretching a top priority in your daily routine, as getting and staying flexible will help you experience your best weight and health more than any other type of physical exercise will.

To help you do this, I've included within this program specific pointers on how to safely and effectively promote flexible muscles throughout your body, including professionally illustrated diagrams of the 5 stretches that I consider to be most critical to promoting an optimally balanced and flexible body.

I worked closely with a professional illustrator to create these diagrams, and have presented them in the order in which they should be performed for optimal results.

Tracks included on Disc One of this program:

Track 1: Introduction – The Power of Your Mind (8:20 min)
Track 2: Clarifying Your Legacy and Core Values (17 min)
Track 3: Stretching – Physical Movements for Your Best Weight and Health (4:40 min)

Disc Two - Relax into Your Best Weight and Health

Disc two of the CD portion of this program contains an audio track called Relax into Your Best Weight and Health that includes powerful, groundbreaking audio technology that serves as a backdrop to a guided relaxation experience.

Within this track, I’ll be coaching you to adopt thought patterns and beliefs that will make it natural for you to get to and stay at your best weight.

And to make this an experience that you'll want to enjoy many times over, we'll be doing this essential work at the most serene beach that you can imagine - it will be our beach and ours alone for these sessions.

The audio technology that is included in this track is designed to help you most effectively adopt the thoughts and beliefs that we'll meditate on.

More specifically, the audio technology on this track stimulates theta brainwaves. Theta brainwaves increase receptivity for accepting new ideas and suggestions.

Please note that the technology is powerful, and should never be used while you are driving or doing any other activity that requires your full attention. This track is meant to be used while you are sitting or lying down and at rest, ideally before you go to bed.

Disc two also contains a bonus track that was specially made for this program - it's called Soft Ocean Dreamland, designed to help you fall into a deep, peaceful, and refreshing night’s sleep.

This bonus track is especially helpful for those with chatty brains who have trouble shutting down at night.

Soft Ocean Dreamland encourages your brain to move from the dreamy theta state at the end of Track 1 down into a deep delta state, where you’ll enjoy deep sleep and healthy dreaming.

Many people report a much improved ability to dream when they use delta brain entrainment, so don’t be surprised if you experience the vivid dreams of your younger days.

Tracks included on Disc Two of this program:

Track 1: Relax into Your Best Weight and Health (15 min)
Track 2: Soft Ocean Dreamland (50 min)

Disc Three - A New Beginning

Disc three of this program contains an audio track called A New Beginning - this track will help you start each day with a mindset that will make it natural for you to make the food and lifestyle choices needed for you to experience your best weight and health.

The cutting-edge audio technology behind A New Beginning is designed to infuse you with good energy and an alert mind, so you'll want to listen to this track as soon as you wake up, or if it works better for your schedule, on the way to work or school.

Disc three also contains a bonus track called Relaxed Focus and Attention. This bonus track provides 25 minutes of brainwave entrainment that stimulates what's known as SMR (sensorimotor rhythm).

Stimulating SMR can result in optimal mental focus and alertness while keeping your physiology in a relaxed state, so this track may be useful while you work, read, or whenever you want to experience, well, relaxed focus and attention. :)

These days, I almost never write without listening to Relaxed Focus and Attention with a pair of headphones - the increased focus and efficiency that I've experienced has been significant. And yes, this track is an excellent aid for students who can use some help improving their focus and attention while studying.

Tracks included on Disc Three of this program:

Track 1: A New Beginning (7:15 min)
Track 2: Relaxed Focus and Attention (25 min)

Accompanying E-Manual with Dozens of Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes

All of the material found on the three CDs in this program can be found in written form in an accompanying e-booklet.

Also included in the e-booklet is a large collection of dozens of mouthwatering, nutrient-dense recipes that I encourage you to weave into the journey of reaching and maintaining your best weight, and experiencing your best health.

All of the materials in this program make it the most holistic and comprehensive approach to promoting optimal health that I've ever created.

As mentioned earlier, this program isn't for everyone.

Most people fail to experience their best weight and health because they never fully align their thoughts and beliefs with what they really want in life, which, mind you, isn't such an easy task; if it were, then most people would already be experiencing their best weight and health.

If you would like focused guidance on how to harness the power of your thoughts and beliefs to achieve your weight and health goals, just like Roger Bannister did in believing himself into running a mile in under 4 minutes, I invite you to let me be your personal guide through this program.

If you make this program a part of your life for at least the next two months, I`m confident that you'll experience measurable improvement with your weight and health.

Wishing you a healthy and meaningful life,

Ben Kim

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