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Blender Bottle Plus


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We are extremely fortunate to have partnered up with the makers of the original BlenderBottle to bring you this leak-proof, expandable, and highly effective blending solution for our organic greens, acerola cherry powder, and other organic whole food offerings.

Each bottle features the following:

  • A 22-ounce capacity cup, 100% free of BPA and phthalates

  • A polished stainless steel wire whisk to ensure lump-free drinks

  • An independent storage jar (150 cc) that twists and locks into the bottom of the cup, perfect for holding whole food powder supplements or healthy snacks like nuts and goji berries

  • A small organizing tray that locks into the lid of the jar, handy for storing supplements in capsule form

  • A sturdy loop that makes this bottle ultra convenient to carry around

  • A design that is fully safe to place in the top rack of your dishwasher

  • A leak-proof SureSeal flip cap

It's a beautifully designed all-in-one solution for health-conscious individuals who want an easy way to quickly blend up clump-free whole food supplements and protein supplements. The wire whisk ball is so effective at blending that you can even add nut butters to your healthy drinks.

Whether you are making green drinks, meal replacement shakes, pre or post-workout blends, or food-derived vitamin and mineral replenishers, this BlenderBottle will ensure a smooth mix.

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Selina Storm Klaybor on 09/25/2018 04:48pm
I ordered this bottle to whip up my Organic Whole Food Multi Powder thinking the attached container was a great idea, and because I lost my metal spiral mixer from a previous shaker. Well---let me say this is the highest quality, innovative and perfect shaker bottle. I love it! Its expandable! This is a great design and I am so pleased with it! Thanks Dr Kim!
esme e marconi on 05/24/2016 10:35am
I enjoy this shaker very much and am buying an additional one as a gift to share.
Melinda B on 05/21/2016 08:04pm
Using this blender bottle allows me to mix up the Organic Whole Food Multi Powder with my green tea & take my "vitamin water" with me when I go out and at home. I'm finally getting more of my daily requirements in one easy package!
Ashton H. on 07/26/2015 02:08pm
Best one I have tried yet. Love the hidden tray for my supplements and the extra container that screws on the bottom is the perfect size for my protein powder and greens, which I mix together. Ordered 6 more to give to family and friends.
Justin on 07/13/2015 10:13pm
I love this bottle. I keep my protein powder in the bottom container, and my vitamins in the hidden pill tray, and I'm good to go for my time at the time. Super easy to clean and ensures that I never compromise recovery because I don't have the right stuff to replenish with after a workout.
Tracy L Pitre on 10/30/2014 11:55pm
This is a terrific bottle! I love everything about it, especially the loop that allows for a secure grip while shaking!
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