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Proteolytic Enzymes - 150 Capsules
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A Clinical Strength Formula for Improving Blood Circulation and Reducing Chronic Inflammation - 150 capsules per bottle

If you have a health challenge that is being caused by compromised blood circulation and/or chronic inflammation, I encourage you to remember the following point:

By consistently making healthy food and lifestyle choices, including the choice to get adequate physical and emotional rest, your body's self healing mechanisms stand a good chance of restoring your health.

If you're not sure how to go about making the best possible food choices to restore your health, please go to our homepage and do a search for our "full body cleanse program" - following this program for at least three weeks is an essential first step to recovering from the vast majority of health challenges that I've encountered.

If you are already doing the best that you can with your food and lifestyle choices and you strongly feel that your body can use extra help in restoring healthy blood circulation and normalizing inflammation, I encourage you to consider this professional grade blend of Proteolytic Enzymes.

This special blend of enzymes is designed to promote:

  • Blood cleansing

  • Optimal blood circulation

  • Normal blood pressure

  • Normal inflammatory response

  • Normal immune response

In testing this professional grade blend of enzymes with select clients over the past year, I've found it to be particularly useful in in treating the following conditions:

  • Arthritis (Degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis)

  • Chronic inflammation within muscles, tendons, and ligaments

  • Leg cramps that are caused by poor blood circulation

  • Chronically cold fingers and toes, including Raynaud's Syndrome

  • Chronic indigestion, marked by excessive gas production and abdominal discomfort

  • Most stages of fibrosis, particularly pulmonary fibrosis

  • High blood pressure

All health conditions that are accompanied by inflammation can be objectively marked by two blood tests: ESR - short for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, and CRP - a more sensitive and accurate marker for inflammation, and short for C-Reactive Protein.

Our Proteolytic Enzyme formula safely and effectively normalizes inflammation in the body as it promotes optimal blood circulation and blood cleansing - this normalization in inflammation can be objectively marked by testing C-Reactive Protein levels before and after taking this formula for a fair trial period - in most cases, I recommend three to six months as a trial period.

The effectiveness of this Proteolytic Enzyme blend lies mainly in its ability to breakdown a substance called fibrin, which is a substance that is produced by your body whenever you have to make and lay down scar tissue.

Fibrin is the main component of scar tissue that is created whenever your body has to heal an injured area.

In some cases, like a badly sprained ankle, some amount of scar tissue is good for promoting stability, but in most cases, particularly those involving your muscles and organs like your heart and lungs, you don't want excessive fibrin being laid down.

You do want inflammation to occur whenever there is injury to a blood vessel or any other tissue, as inflammation is essential to proper repair of injured tissues, but you want the inflammation to occur in a controlled and efficient manner - this is what our Proteolytic Enzyme blend is designed to facilitate.

Here's a list of the enzymes that are included in our Proteolytic Enzyme formula:

Nattokinase - this fibrin-digesting enzyme is often used to:

  • Eliminate extraneous amounts of fibrin from the body

  • Promote normal blood viscosity (blood texture and flow)

  • Promote good overall cardiovascular health

Serrapeptase (Serratiopeptidase) - this protein-digesting enzyme is often used to:

  • Activate plasmin, a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that helps to break down fibrin

  • Promote muscle recovery after intense physical activity or injury

  • Boost energy

Ubiquinone (Pharmaceutical-Grade Co-Q10) - this coenzyme is often used to:

  • Facilitate energy (ATP) production

  • Decrease proliferation of free radicals

  • Promote maintenance of normal cardiovascular function

Amla - sourced from gooseberries, this enzyme is thought to:

  • Provide healthy tone to the nervous system

Bromelain - this protein-digesting enzyme is derived from pineapple and is thought to:

  • Promote healthy skin and a healthy immune system

Papain - this is also a protein-digesting enzyme that is often used to:

  • Reduce bloating and promote good digestion

  • Facilitate recovery from bruises and other tissue injuries

Rutin - this flavonoid component of the vitamin C complex is thought to:

  • Promote healthy blood vessels

  • Maintain connective tissue strength throughout the body (bones, teeth, capillaries)

Magnesium - this coenzyme/mineral is known to:

  • Help build and maintain healthy teeth and gums

  • Promote normal blood pressure

  • Promote good overall cardiovascular health

All of these components of our Proteolytic Enzyme formula are derived from vegetable or microbial sources, and great care is taken to ensure optimal purity and potency of each batch.

Some other important features of our Proteolytic Enzyme formula:

  • Doesn't put burden on digestive organs. In fact, the digestive enzymes that are included in this formula are often instrumental in improving digestion of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

  • Non-toxic- doesn't put stress on your liver like most prescription and over-the-counter drugs do.

  • Suitable for vegans.

  • Also contains protease and lipase, enzymes that help digest protein and fat.

  • Most enzymes formulas contain about 1,000 to 2,000 fibrinolytic units (FU's). Our formula provides 15,000 FU's per serving, and potency is guaranteed for at least two full years.

***Addendum April 2011***

Our proteolytic enzymes are now encapsulated in "Acid Armor" capsules. Acid Armor capsules are designed to break down slowly, allowing for a more controlled release of the capsule's contents. These new capsules offer protection from the acidic pH of the stomach without the use of potentially harmful chemicals such as those found in enteric coatings. Acid Armor capsules have no added components; their action is the result of smarter design. The capsules contain thicker and stronger vegetable cellulose in addition to a tighter locking fitting mechanism, in order to prevent premature leakage of the capsule's contents.

Though it is known that certain enzymes will slowly lose their potency over time when introduced to acid, it's a myth that these enzymes simply "die" as soon as they come into contact with acid. Animal derived enzymes are extracted from the pancreas, and are released below the stomach. These enzymes do not naturally come into contact with the acidic environment of the stomach based on the animal's anatomical make-up. Knowing this fact, it makes sense why companies that manufactured products using these animal derived enzymes protected them with enteric coatings. However, times have changed and it is now known that many of the best enzymes for human supplementation are derived from microbial and vegetable (fruit) sources that are not nearly as susceptible to acid as their animal-derived predecessors.

A capsule taken on an empty stomach will come into contact with an acidic environment with little to no standing acid, and will pass through this acidic environment in as little as 20 minutes. This short time-frame is of little concern based on the fact that a typical vegetable capsule takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to break down in this environment, leaving the enzymes in acid for only a short period of time, if any. There are of course situations where the capsule does not leave the stomach for a longer time-frame, which is why we are now using Acid Armor capsules.

What makes Acid Armor different from an enteric coating?

Acid Armor capsules were created with human physiology in mind as opposed to lab tests. Phthalates (plastics) are common chemicals used in the enteric coating process. The FDA has deemed many of these chemicals as safe for human consumption, yet their use in manufacturing toys and other plastic items is banned in the EU, Mexico and China. If they are banned from the manufacturing process of toys due to reports that they may have unhealthy effects on humans, it seems fairly clear that ingesting them would lead to a similar result. Enteric coatings are tested for their ability to withstand acid for hours, even though the average time needed to pass through the acidic stomach when empty is between 20-45 minutes. Acid Armor capsules are designed to break down slowly, but still release in the duodenum, located directly below the stomach. This creates an enhanced absorbency period while still providing enough protection to maximize potency. A typical vegetable cellulose capsule will break down while still in the stomach, while Acid Armor capsules are designed to rapidly break down after the stomach empties.

Some products utilize enteric coated powders, which can contain the same harmful chemicals as those used to coat capsules and tablets. By only coating a certain enzyme or other material, the other components of the product are left susceptible to the very same acidic conditions they claim to be protecting the other's from after the unprotected capsule breaks down. Rather than selectively choosing which enzymes to protect, Acid Armor capsules protect their entire contents.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on our Proteolytic Enzyme blend

Q. Can I take this formula along with other supplements?

A. Yes, it's fine to take the enzymes in this formula along with vitamin and mineral supplements. In many cases, the enzymes in this formula can enhance the effectiveness of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Q. Can I take this formula along with prescription drugs?

A. It's best that you check with your physician. Generally, the enzymes in this formula are safe to take with over-the-counter and prescription drugs, except for those that interfere with your blood coagulating mechanisms. Because these enzymes improve blood viscosity, it's always best to consult with your physician if you are on an anti-coagulant.

Q. Are there any other circumstances in which I can't take this Proteolytic Enzyme blend?

A. Large scale studies have not been performed on pregnant and lactating women, so if you belong in this group, it's best that you consult with your physician on the appropriateness of taking this formula.

Q. I don't have any health problems, but I've heard that taking enzymes is good for disease prevention - is this true?

A. In a perfect world where soil quality is good and you're consistently eating foods that are naturally rich in enzymes, you probably wouldn't need the digestive enzymes in this formula.

Generally, most people will benefit from taking the systemic (nattokinase, serrapeptase, and ubiquinone) and digestive enzymes in this formula, as they're needed for virtually every biochemical process that occurs in our bodies.

If you feel that your health can be improved by this formula, you can give it a try and measure your C-Reactive Protein level via a simple blood test before and after your trial period, and assess these numbers and how you feel to determine whether you should continue.

Q. Do you personally take this Proteolytic Enzyme Blend?

A. Yes, I started experimenting with this formula about a year ago when a friend asked for some guidance with a family member's health condition. I was impressed by the research behind these enzymes, particularly the systemic ones (nattokinase, serratopeptase, and ubiquinone), so I started taking it for preventive reasons.

I haven't tested my C-Reactive Protein levels, but I have noticed that I can improve (shorten) recovery time between heavy hitting sessions (tennis) by increasing my intake of this formula.

These days, I typically recommend this formula to people who are looking to overcome conditions that involve compromised blood circulation and/or chronic inflammation.

Q. How many capsules are in each bottle and how many should I take?

A. There are 150 capsules per bottle. For preventive purposes, two capsules per day is a good amount for most adults.

For specific conditions like fibrosis, atherosclerosis, fibroids, and most autoimmune illnesses that have a strong inflammatory component, I generally recommend starting with two capsules daily, and gradually increasing to six capsules daily over the course of a week.

Once your symptoms improve, you can reduce intake on a gradual basis until you arrive at a maintenance dose that helps you maintain the quality of life you're looking for. For most adults who are looking to manage an existing condition, one to two capsules daily is a good maintenance dose.

Capsules can be taken with or without meals, but I have found that best results tend to come when they are taken on an empty stomach.

For severe cases of chronic inflammation, such as late-stage fibrosis, one can even try going up to six to nine capsules per day until improvement occurs, then gradually reduce to a maintenance dose.

Here's a look at the supplement facts panel for our Proteolytic Enzyme formula:

More Answers to Questions about using our Proteolytic Enzyme Formula:

Q.You mentioned osteoarthritis, but not rheumatoid arthritis. I'm wondering if this will be effective in helping to reduce the swelling in my joints from RA?

A. Yes, I found this formula to be quite helpful to folks who suffer with metabolic arthritides, including RA. For a severe flare-up, I recommend going with six tablets a day until the inflammation subsides. One to two capsules per day is typically a good maintenance dose after inflammation gets to a level where it isn't affecting activities of daily living.

Q. I am using your green food formula and feel improvement in energy, but I need extra help with my blood circulation and joint pain. Can I take the new formula in place of the greens?

A. If I had to choose just one formula and my primary goal was to improve blood circulation, I would go with the Proteolytic Enzyme blend. Our green food formula provides a better overall nourishing effect since it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, but the Proteolytic Enzymes are second to no other natural remedies that I'm aware of for improving blood circulation.

The strength of this formula comes mainly from the ability of serrapeptase and nattokinase to break down fibrin, thereby normalizing inflammation and improving blood viscosity.

Q. How much serrapeptase, nattokinase, and ubiquinone are in this formula?

A. Per capsule:

Serrapeptase: 40,000 SUs

Nattokinase: 15,000 FUs

CoQ10: 10 mg

The fibrinolytic activity of this formula is what makes it as effective as it is at normalizing inflammation and improving blood circulation.

Please note: Because this is an all-natural formulation and not a prescription drug, none of the information presented here has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our Proteolytic Enzyme Formula is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Reviewer: Susan Y.
03/11/2014 01:37pm
I had abnormal INTENSE (level 7-8) burning pain in my entire pelvic area after a D & C /hysteroctomy procedure. @ 30 days the Dr. just wanted to give me pain pills w/no idea what the root problem was. The next "specialist" thought it was related to fibroids and wanted to do a hysterectomy ASAP (which I have but they never had caused "burning" pain before the D&C). I started the enzymes (worked up to 6 a day). THANK GOD @ 4 weeks on them and 2 months of horrible pain, the pain finally has subsided to a level 1-2. I'll continue them, w/ Myomin, and cleansing diet to help restore my health, reduce fibroids (estrogen dominance) with hopefully the added side effect of curing my lifelong cold feet and hands too. THX U Dr. Kim!!
Reviewer: A.N.
08/15/2013 03:27pm
The Proteolytic Enzyme helped my inflammation so much. I went to chirp. had MRI done and everyone said inflammation was causing pain not nerves. I was taking 3 to 4 advil a day to function and was worried about level damage from it if used long term. I read about your Proteolytic Enzymes and gave it a try within 2 weeks I felt a hugh difference and take no over the counter pain meds now.
Reviewer: gailmarie
01/18/2011 03:25pm
I started taking Proteolytic Enzymes after I had surgery on my (L) elbow for nerve entrapment and began experiencing inflammation symptoms and a lower immune system. Tested and found negative for most systemic diseases, I still felt out of whack. I can honestly say that these enzymes were tremendously beneficial to me in controlling my inflammation and allowing me to feel more like myself. I take a daily dose of two capsules and feel good. I highly recommend this.Thank you so much Dr. Kim for bringing these natural products to the fore and giving us such healthy alternatives!!!
Reviewer: Vanessa
01/10/2011 08:35pm
High blood pressure runs in my family on my fathers side. I remember him being on high blood pressure meds since he was about 50. I turned 50 and my blood pressure became dangerously high. I started taking ace inhibitors which worked but I didn't want to be on a prescription med permantly. My husband found Dr Ben Kim's website. I ordered these along with the green food and cod liver oil pills and slowly weaned myself off of the ace inhibitors. I have to say my blood pressure is lower than when I was on prescription meds and even get 110/60 readings at times. That is awesome for somebody that was 190/85 one year ago. I also feel great. I highly recommend this product.
Reviewer: Michael Abernathy
08/22/2010 09:16pm
I ordered these enzymes for my torn deltoid muscle and it has helped a lot! Before I got on these enzymes my shoulder was stiff and hard. I couldn't move it over 90 degrees and had outrageous pain due to fibrin build up. After just 1 month i could move my shoulder about 75% better and had a lot more moving ability. I highly suggest this product!
Reviewer: Nanci
06/10/2010 01:40pm
I started taking the Proteolytic Enzymes right after my hysterectomy to be proactive with scar tissue. I do believe it has helped immensely!
Dr. Kim, I was wondering if taking it with DIM-(Diindolylmethane) which is an estrogen metabolizer is counter productive??
Reviewer: Molly Gentry
01/28/2010 02:00pm
I ordered Proteolytic Enzymes for my 17 year old daughter, Katelynn, because she has Chronic Lyme disease. Her blood had become thick and full of fibrin, and she was getting so sick so often with horrible meningitis-like symptoms and fever as high as 105.8....that is seriously dangerous. The spirochetes can morph into cysts made of fibrin, so I needed a product with serrapeptase and nattokinase to break down the nasty things.

THIS PRODUCT WORKED, AND NOW THE TEASEL ROOT TINCTURE THAT ALSO HELPS TO DRIVE SPIROCHETES INTO THE BLOOD STREAM IS ABLE TO CIRCULATE BETTER AND REALLY DO THE JOB! Katelynn has been well enough to attend school for WEEKS instead of just two or three days a week, and it is all thanks to this product. She looks so vibrant and healthy, too, and has so much more energy.


Your Customer, Friend, and FAN for Life!,


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