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What I Look For Above All Else

The world is plentiful in skilled, knowledgeable, and accomplished people, so how are we to choose those we share our life energy with?

Over time, I've realized that what matters most to me is how much a person truly cares about the well-being of others.  If I sense that there is little to no genuine care for others, how skilled, knowledgeable, or accomplished a person is matters very little to me.  

I've long found that the most magical and unforgettable experiences in everyday life occur in the presence of those who have hearts that bleed and root for others.  The more connected we become with our mortality, the more we recognize how precious our time is and what an enormous waste it is to give our life energy to those who don't deeply care about others.

I'm not thinking just of the friends we keep or the family members we choose to stay close with.  When we realize how finite and valuable our remaining time is, it makes sense to prioritize a loving and giving heart in every person we share our life energy with, including our health care providers, spiritual leaders, and all others we choose to spend time with in some capacity.  

One such person who I consider to be an expert in fitness, body composition, and metabolic health is Dylan Farr.  If anyone were to ask me this minute to recommend a fitness and body composition coach to work with from any location on earth, I would point to Dylan.  Why? Because he lives what he coaches and more importantly, because I know that he has a heart that bleeds and roots for others. Please feel free to meet and follow Dylan here:

Dylan Farr @ Instagram

For fitness and body composition coaching inquiries, Dylan can be reached via e-mail:

How do you know if someone you come across cares more about your well-being than fame or fortune?  Your spidey sense should tell you if you allow it to. Or simply ask yourself if you would entrust the well-being of someone you dearly love with the person before you.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.


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