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How to Improve Scapular Mobility to Support Healthy Shoulder Function

To have healthy shoulders that allow you to comfortably use your arms overhead, it's essential that your shoulder blades are optimally mobile and that you have good motor control over their movement along the posterior wall of your rib cage - the scapular mobility exercises shown in the video above will allow you to fulfill both of these requirements for healthy shoulder function. Read more about How to Improve Scapular Mobility to Support Healthy Shoulder Function


How to Improve Shoulder Stability and Function

Like your hip joint, your shoulder joint has a ball-in-socket design, but the socket isn't very deep. In fact, it's quite shallow, which is what allows your shoulder the broad range of motion required to efficiently perform overhead activities. Read more about How to Improve Shoulder Stability and Function


How to Create a Healthier and More Functional Body

Let me state unequivocally that I respect my profession and know countless chiropractors who provide exceptionally high quality care for their patients. Every such chiropractor I know spends time educating his or her patients on diet, exercise, and other determinants of overall quality of health. When a person experiences musculoskeletal discomfort, I think that it is highly worthwhile to visit a chiropractor who is committed to providing this level of comprehensive care. Read more about How to Create a Healthier and More Functional Body


Exercises for Knee Pain

When hamstrings and calves are short and hypertonic from lack of mindful use and stretching, their tendons can generate a low-grade backward pulling force on the tibia or femur, which predisposes the quadriceps and patellar tendon that runs along the anterior portion of the knee to injury. This is why regular stretching of your hamstrings, gastrocnemius, and soleus is essential to supporting healthy knee function. Read more about Exercises for Knee Pain


When Giving Leads to Resentment

In wrestling with a number of feelings surrounding giving and resentment, I share my thoughts here with hope that doing so might be cathartic for me and perhaps others who might stumble upon this post and feel that they are not alone.

My parents immigrated to Canada from Korea in 1971, two years before I was born. Details are fuzzy, but my understanding is that my father decided to explore prospects of a better life outside of the Korean Air Force, and word from his brother who had already emigrated to Canada was that it was a fine place to start anew. Read more about When Giving Leads to Resentment


Natural Ways to Treat Wrist Pain

When looking to overcome wrist pain, a good first step is to identify its root cause.

Overuse is arguably the most common cause of pain and stiffness in the wrist joint. When the wrist is asked to do more work than it is suited for without adequate rest, the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and even the bones that make up the wrist can become inflamed. Read more about Natural Ways to Treat Wrist Pain


Simple Goodness of Roasted Squash and Cauliflower


When looking to fix a simple meal that is just as pleasing to the palate as it is nutritious to all of the cells of your body, you might follow this loose set of suggestions for roasting some squash and cauliflower. If you have some broccoli on hand, you can include it along with the cauliflower. Total prep time is somewhere around 25 minutes. One hour later, you'll have on your plate a lovely combination of roasted vegetables that will leave you and your loved ones healthier and fully satiated without feeling bogged down. Read more about Simple Goodness of Roasted Squash and Cauliflower


Favourite Core-Strengthening Exercises to Keep Your Lower Back and Pelvis Healthy

Over the past two decades, I have utilized spinal adjustments, stretching, acupuncture, soft tissue work, and every major modality used in physiotherapy to address a wide range of back and hip issues. While all of these therapies can be helpful, in my experience, the most effective way to support a healthier lower back and pelvic region is to improve the functional strength of the muscles that control your core region. These muscles include your lower paraspinals, abdominals, hip flexors, and hip extensors.

For a look at two of my favourite exercises for strengthening the core region, please have a look at the following video:




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