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The Wind of the Day

This lovely piece comes from the soundtrack for Crash Landing On You, a Korean drama series that has been wildly popular throughout East Asia since its release at the end of 2019. Read more about The Wind of the Day


Please Don't Hoard Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is receiving a lot of press for its use in treating some of the symptoms of COVID-19.  So much so that it's starting to be hoarded by people who see it as a viable self-treatment tool should they become infected with SARS-CoV2.  

How are people even getting access to hydroxychloroquine?  Through prescriptions written by doctors and dentists.  Yes, some doctors and dentists are hoarding it for themselves, but they are also writing prescriptions for family and friends who want to have a stash of it just in case. Read more about Please Don't Hoard Hydroxychloroquine


Giving Thanks

Many thanks to those who wrote in with good wishes - we are enormously blessed to be connected with such a caring community.

We are immensely grateful that no one was injured in the earthquake. Once the initial shock was over with, we were relieved and thankful to find that there was little to no damage to our inventory. It appears that we will be able to return to regular operations on Monday once clean-up efforts are completed and the warehouse can ensure everyone's safety going forward. Read more about Giving Thanks


Earthquake in Utah

On Wednesday morning, Utah was rattled by a 5.7 magnitude earthquake.  The damage at our warehouse was extensive, though we are extremely thankful that no one was killed, which was an incredible blessing given that many heavy objects fell from the roof and from racks of inventory.

We are in the midst of assessing damages, and our best guess is that we won't be able to ship out any products until early next week at the earliest - please know how sorry we are for this delay.  All orders that were submitted after 10:30 am EST on Tuesday March 17 will go out as soon as possible. Read more about Earthquake in Utah


Update From Our Catalogue

For those who make use of products at our catalogue, please know that due to the earthquake that occurred in Salt Lake City, UT today, our warehouse has had to temporarily close down to ensure everyone's safety.

We are very sorry that orders that were scheduled to go out today will not be sent out until the warehouse is back up and running, which won't be until at least early next week. Read more about Update From Our Catalogue


COVID-19 Update

In monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm feeling more optimistic than I was about a week ago, primarily because it's clear that more countries are understanding the importance of social distancing, canceling unnecessary gatherings, avoiding non-essential travel, and supporting the health care system.

Canada and the United States appear to be learning from what is happening in Italy, Spain, and other European countries.   Read more about COVID-19 Update


Lower Intake Of Refined Carbohydrates To Reduce Inflammation

A tip for those experiencing some degree of chronic inflammation:  install an app on your phone, tablet, or computer that tracks your macros - that is, the total number of grams of carbohydrates, fat, and protein you ingest daily.  I personally use:


In tracking your macros, aim to keep the total number of carbohydrates you ingest to less than 150 grams per day.  If you have significant issues with blood sugar regulation, inflammation, or obesity, aim for no more than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day. Read more about Lower Intake Of Refined Carbohydrates To Reduce Inflammation


The Latest On COVID-19

In tracking rate of spread of COVID-19, it's encouraging to see that this rate - denoted as R zero or R nought - is falling in China.  This is a testament to the extreme measures that the Chinese government has taken to enforce lockdowns throughout their country once they realized the potential cost of not taking such action. Read more about The Latest On COVID-19


Coronavirus Update

In striving to keep up with coronavirus developments, I believe it's fair to assume that this virus will continue to spread rapidly in densely populated countries that lie above the equator.  The heat of summer appears to be warding off contagion in the southern hemisphere.

With that said, for a variety of reasons, I also believe that reported numbers of those being infected are far lower than reality.  

My contacts in Wuhan tell me that there are countless people who have symptoms but have quarantined themselves and have no plans to get tested.   Read more about Coronavirus Update


What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds and Flus

The next time you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: rather than take conventional drugs to suppress uncomfortable symptoms, it's better for your health to allow the cold or flu to run its course while you get plenty of physical and emotional rest.

Conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that there is no "cure" for the common cold, that you should protect yourself against the flu with a vaccine that is laden with toxic chemicals, and that during the midst of a cold or flu, it is favorable to ease your discomfort with a variety of medications that can suppress your symptoms. Read more about What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds and Flus




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