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Thought of the Moment

How you feel about yourself is what others will see.

How you genuinely feel about yourself at your core is what others will eventually see you for.

Choice to turn around

No matter how long we have traveled down the wrong road, we can always turn around.

Angry vs. Loving People

Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are. - Chief Red Eagle

Until you get there for yourself, you never really know

People will tell you where they have gone, they'll tell you where to go, but until you get there for yourself, you never really know. - Joni Mitchell

Agape Love

"Agape" is loving a person for exactly who they are - not who we hope they'll become with enough fixing. It's this idea that every person has their layers, so you can never confine a person to only what you know about them from the first glance. It's stacked on the premise that to love anyone is to hope in them always. - Hannah Brencher


A good friend doesn't make you wonder if he or she is taking advantage of you. If you have to wonder more than once, ask yourself if you would want a loved one to have that kind of friend over the long term. As Khalil Gibran once wrote, friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

How We Behave

Thoughtful words can mean something to us in the moment. But over many years, what we remember most is how people consistently behaved.

What we remember

In the end, above all else, we remember the people we spent the most time with.

The Secret

To be inspired - that's the secret. - Andre Agassi

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

There's a beauty to forgiveness, especially forgiveness that goes beyond rationality. Unconditional love is an illogical notion, but such a great and powerful one. - A.J. Jacobs



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