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Labour Day Sale at our Natural Health Catalogue

I'm feeling grateful for the time that we were able to spend with our boys over the final week of summer break. Sometimes, the best schedule is no schedule at all, right? It was so restorative to watch a few movies, make whatever we felt like eating from scratch at home, play tennis, soccer, and basketball, and take turns giving our French Bully belly rubs and back scratches. Yes, this past week was a reminder to me that we humans are just like batteries - we are effective to the extent that we take time to recharge as needed.

For those who make use of any of the resources at our natural health catalogue, please note that in response to multiple requests, we were able to put together a Labour Day Sale with discounts of 20 to 30 percent off of select items. Details can be found in the header area here:

Please note that when earmarked supplies of the following items are accounted for, prices will revert back to everyday levels:

Organic Plant Protein Blend - 25% off:

Organic Maca, Cacao, and Yacon Blend - 25% off:

Organic Teas (Turmeric, Passionflower, and Milk Thistle) - 30% off:

Dried Organic Mangoes - 20% off:

Coconut Milk Powder - 20% off:

Adrenal Refresh - 20% off:

Essential Oils Wellness Collection - 25% off:

When earmarked supplies of each of the items above are accounted for, prices will revert back to everyday levels. Thanks so much to everyone who supports our site!


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