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Memorial Day Sale

Over the next few days, we're offering substantial markdowns on several of our most popular formulas during our inaugural Memorial Day sale - many of you have asked for a sale at this time of year, and we are happy to make it happen!

Until limited earmarked supplies last, all of the following blends have been reduced by 15-33% off their everyday discounted prices:

1. Organic Whole Food Multi in Vegetable Capsules - 20% off:

Formulated with the best of organic greens and organic reds, D-3, and enough B-12 and B-6 to protect the cardiovascular and nervous systems against premature damage from homocysteine accumulation:

2. Organic Green Food Blend in Vegetable Capsules - 15% off:

Our flagship mineral-rich formula to support immune function, optimal digestion, and healthy bones, teeth, hair, skin, and nails:

3. Premium Coconut Milk Powder - 25% off:

A favourite item at our catalogue, this dairy-free milk powder can be used to make your own coconut milk or rich coconut cream, and can be added as is to smoothies, coffee, and tea - this is the best of the best in dairy-free creamers:

4. Organic Plant Protein Blend - 15% off:

Our delicious vanilla chai plant protein with organic turmeric and aloe to support optimal cellular health and communication, 19 grams of healthy plant protein per serving:

5. Bamboo and Berry Facial Scrub - 25% off:

Our custom blend of natural fibers and antioxidant-rich plant ingredients that encourage gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells to support healthy skin tone:

6. Sela Natural Skin Brightening Serum - 15% off:

Each bottle of Sela comes with full size jars of our organic moisturizing lotion and facial scrub, a comprehensive all-in-one skin care system for extraordinary value:

7. Organic Mediterranean Face Wash - 28% off:

Our therapeutic face wash that combines organic aloe, organic herbs, and close to a hundred different minerals from the sea:

I continue to research and evaluate ingredients from all over the globe to ensure that our blends are the very best that I can share with my family, friends, and clients. All of our formulas continue to be made in small batches to ensure optimal quality.

To those who make use of items at our catalogue, please know how grateful I am for your support of our work.

With best wishes and thanks,



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