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Newsletter: Last Call On New Year Sale | Seed Oils

For those who may have missed Monday's note on our New Year sale, please note that this is a last call for discounted items - a list can be found at the end of today's message.

I've been receiving a number of questions about seed oils. Dr. Paul Saladino, also known as the Carnivore MD, has been gaining traction with his message to avoid seed oils because of their high linoleic fatty acid content.

For those who have only joined our readership in recent years, here is an article that I published back in 2008 on how to choose healthy cooking oils:

The gist is this: I agree with Dr. Saladino in that we should avoid or at least minimize our exposure to seed oils, especially canola, sunflower, safflower, corn, and cottonseed oil. All of these oils are high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid. If we eat these oils regularly, we take in far too many omega-6 fatty acids relative to omega-3 fatty acids.

An optimal ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 intake is about 1:1. People who regularly consume the seed oils listed above while ingesting only small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids experience ratios as high as 20:1. Why is this ratio important? If we have too much omega-6 relative to omega-3, we experience imbalances on a cellular level that can contribute to generalized inflammation, high blood pressure, digestive passageway disturbances, depressed immune function, sterility, weight gain, increased tendency to form blood clots, and even different types of cancer.

Seed oils like hemp and flax that are higher in omega-3 fatty acids are healthier than the ones listed above, but omega-3 fatty acids are inherently unstable when extracted from whole foods, so I don't recommend having them regularly, and I strongly advise against cooking with them.

For those who do well with dairy and beef, two healthy choices are grass-fed butter and beef tallow. For those who are plant-based, I feel coconut oil is a good choice. Olive oil is a decent choice, but should only be used over low to medium heat or taken raw. But olive oil also contains a small but significant percentage of omega-6 fatty acids, so it should only be ingested in moderation if at all.

For those who enjoy eating freshly ground hemp, flax, and pumpkin seeds, I feel these foods can be taken in moderation.

Ultimately, we have to stay aware of how our bodies respond to all of our food choices and proceed accordingly. And please remember that our tolerances and needs tend to change over time as we age and as our life circumstances change.

I hope these thoughts on seed oils are helpful.

With best wishes to all,


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