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Music for Health: Yiruma

Not really much to say here, just a word of thanks to the universe for allowing me to stumble upon Korean pianist, Yiruma. As of this posting, the following live performance of "River Flows in You" has around 17 million views, so my guess is that a few of our readers know of this virtuoso pianist?

If you've always wanted to take up piano but just haven't been able to overcome the drudgery of learning basic scales and theory, you might consider learning by video. On YouTube alone, you can find numerous tutorials like the one below that I, for one, take great hope from.

I stumbled upon this technology the other day as we began our journey as a family to learn piano. Our one big Christmas gift was a digital piano (88-Key Digital Stage Piano) that we hope to enjoy for many years.

Here's another performance of "River Flows In" where Yiruma gifts us with lyrics - in Korean and English - to this exquisite melody.

And because I just can't get enough of Yiruma at the moment, below is a live performance of "Kiss the Rain."

For the record, I love discovering new musical artists, so if you have a personal favorite, please don't be shy in sharing a recommendation via our comments section below. Many thanks.


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I am sharing a fabulous vocalist. Go to and listen to his Haiku album. What an incredibly Beautiful voice! Hope you enjoy hearing this luxurious, soothing music.
Thanks for all you do to encourage our health, Dr. Kim. I really appreciate you.

Thanks for yet another great post!

As for musicians to recommend, if you like traditional music played with spirit and a modern sense of arrangement, then take a look and listen to me and my husband's music. Here's our url:

We have a ton of great musician friends, as well, so take a look at this page if you'd like more music to explore:

Thanks again for your newsletter- I always enjoy it very much.

Happy new year!

I recently found Yiruma and love his music. Another one that I recently found was Calvin Jones, I bought his CD Through High Places. I think you will really like him. Of course I like George Winston also.

Thank you so much for sharing.

My favorite artist is Marcus Eaton. Check out the video:

Hello Dr.Kim, I receive your helpful e-mails and enjoy them.
I agree with you about Yiruma, he is a great pianist, I have downloaded
some of his songs also. Below is some of my favorites....

1.Kitaro is astounding, his music soothes my soul.

2.Yoshiki of X-Japan, he's is an amazing pianist,drummer and song writer.

3.Yanni is another favorite, he wrote this song after hearing the Nightingale (bird) sing its song.

4.Richard Claderman also has some beautiful music...

5.Charlie Haden playing "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress" with a video
showing some breathtaking scenes from around the world.

6.The late Radka Toneff singing the words to the above song.

Sorry this is so long, but I have so many favorites its hard to name just a few... thanks for listening and keep the good tips coming.

Thank you Dr. Kim for sharing. Check out Adam Hurst on Youtube or stumbled upon him by accident and have been listening to him ever since. Just incredible.


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