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To Overcome Chronic Back Issues, Improve Strength and Mobility of Your Spine and Surrounding Tissues

When looking to overcome chronic back pain and stiffness, it's essential that you improve strength and mobility of your spine and surrounding tissues. If you aren't already doing so, you might try alternating between core strengthening work and spinal mobility work. This video demonstrates examples of how to alternate between strengthening and improving mobility of your spine and surrounding tissues.


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This video seems a little short. Been doing the two core strengthening exercises previously posted and love them. Has help my back a lot. But what is a concomitant stretching exercise to the 'downward dog' knee crunches? Like to see a suggested routine that includes a full program of back strengthening and stretching. Love these videos btw and the work that you do. very refreshingly sincere and helpful without a big sales component. I'll buy some stuff tho, I promise. :-)


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