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A Natural Approach to Overcoming Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)


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"I have found that there is a completely natural approach to dramatically improving hyperhidrosis, and sometimes, to completely cure it. "

So what is the cure?? I'd really like to know! Thank you!

Hi! I noticed that my hiperhidrosis is increased when I drink coffee or hot beverages, fat foods, and smoke. By cutting these, I noticed an improvement. Also it gets worst when I? under a lot of stress of not getting enough hours of sleep- I hope this will be helpful. This is a hard condition to live with, and the worst is that this is not the only disease I have, but I believe there is a cure for everything, and diet is the key I? holding right now. Kisses and best wishes.

The cure he mentioned was to cut out certain foods. That your body may be intolerant to something in your diet. I recently started a strict diet to lose weight and had to cut out dairy, sugar, processed foods , salt (except sea salt) and oils and have seen immediate results in the amount of sweating I do (or actually don't do now ) compared to when I ate the foods I cut out. Now I just have to figure out which of those things I cut out was causing it! But I'm so thankful to not be dealing with the excessive sweating I used to have.

Hi April. Just wondering how much if an impact did the diet change make for you? Would you consider it a slight reduction, yet you still sweat more than you should, or would you describe it as a total reduction, and now you sweat about as much as someone without hyperhidrosis?

I want to know how to control this.

Hi, my name is Michaela and I'm 18 years old. I've had severe Hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet my whole life. It has been one of my biggest insecurities and has effected me in all aspects of my life. About three months ago, I became vegan as a way to lose weight. I began to notice my hands were not sweating as much, which was very odd because it was summer and they are usually a lot worse in the summer. After doing research I found that eating healthy can be a natural cure! As of today, my hands and feet barely sweat anymore!! I urge everyone to educate themselves and try out the natural option before getting involved in threatening medical procedures. Also being vegan is awesome :)

Hello. In the process of doing research for my child on how to deal with hyperhidrosis, I came upon this page and your comment. My child has a vegan diet (since birth), yet struggles with sweaty hands. Can you tell me more specifically what your vegan diet is like? Do you exclude processed foods, including sugar? We're hoping to narrow down possible food triggers.

Thank you!


Hello dear jenny I think there is no specific trend for hyperhidrosis situation to be cure like vegan diet must do experiment on your child that what foods can be useful from pyramid diet. maybe vegan be useful for someone and maybe n't.....
you should find out what foods(healthy)can be more effective on sympathec system to decreasing excessive sweating and feel more relaxing for your child.
i wish you what ever you like win it.

I've had Hyperhydrosis since birth. My hands literally drip sweat! Its horrible. I once had an acupuncturist who helped me with it by calming the sympathetic nervous system, but I've since moved and no other accupuncturist can help. Recently I did a month on the carnivore diet (yes, you eat only meat, with a higher ratio of fat to protein), which is zero carb, and for the first time in my life my hand stopped sweating completely! COMPLETELY! Unfrotunately I am too stressed right now to keep up with sourcing good grass fed fatty meat, so I stopped, and my sweating has returned... but this IS UNHEARD OF! I recomend reading up on it, joing FB carnivore groups, and doing your own research.

I am three weeks into carnivore and my armpit sweat has decreased to the point that I don't have wet marks....its totally crazy. no idea why.