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Easy Healthy Recipes

Black Bean Tahini Dip Recipe

This simple and delicious black bean tahini dip is abundant in calcium, folate (folic acid), manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin B1.

This dip is also rich in healthy protein, including an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is helpful for promoting restful sleep and good nervous system health. Read more about Black Bean Tahini Dip Recipe


Vegetable-Cashew Stew Recipe

This super healthy stew is made unique by adding a handful of raisins and whole cashews. Sounds funny, I know, but once you try it, I trust that you'll agree that all of the ingredients go together beautifully. Read more about Vegetable-Cashew Stew Recipe


Broccoli Potato Soup Recipe

Broccoli is rich in indoles and sulforaphane, compounds that are known for their cancer-fighting properties. Broccoli is also abundant in fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, coenzyme Q10, and carotenoids. Read more about Broccoli Potato Soup Recipe


Roasted Fennel with Chickpeas Recipe

Raw fennel has a mild licorice-like fragrance, but when roasted, fennel becomes sweet and crisp and the licorice aroma is barely noticeable, if at all. Rich in vitamin C and fiber, roasted fennel bulbs provide nice texture alongside chickpeas and oranges. Read more about Roasted Fennel with Chickpeas Recipe


Yin Yang Bell Pepper Soup Recipe

This delicious bell pepper soup recipe is rich in a number of antioxidants, most notably, carotenoids and vitamin C. The Yin-Yang presentation is created by pouring red and yellow bell pepper soups into each serving bowl at the same time. Read more about Yin Yang Bell Pepper Soup Recipe


Tomato and Chickpea Soup Recipe

Chickpeas are abundant in a number of health-promoting nutrients, most notably folate, manganese, tryptophan, copper, iron, and healthy protein.

High folate and tryptophan content make chickpeas an excellent food choice for women of child-bearing age and people who have trouble getting restful sleep. Read more about Tomato and Chickpea Soup Recipe


Green Pea and Chickpea Soup Recipe

To promote your best health, including strong bones and teeth, it's vital that you eat plenty of green plant foods on a regular basis. And ounce for ounce, few green plant foods are more nutrient-rich than green peas.

Green peas are naturally abundant in folate, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, carotenoids, tryptophan, vitamin K, manganese, healthy protein, and a number of other health-promoting nutrients. Read more about Green Pea and Chickpea Soup Recipe


Healthy Pancake Recipe

The other night, I finished re-reading one of my favorite books - Me and My Dad: A Baseball Memoir, by Paul O'Neill. The book ends with a pancake recipe from the O'Neill family, one that really got my salivary glands going for a short stack of freshly made pancakes with real maple syrup. Read more about Healthy Pancake Recipe


Black Bean Soup Recipe

Did you know that ounce for ounce, black beans have 10 times more antioxidants than oranges? Black beans actually rank right alongside grapes and cranberries in overall antioxidant power.

Often called turtle beans, black beans are one of nature's most fiber-rich foods, making them an excellent choice for diabetics; fiber tends to slow down the pace at which natural sugars in foods enter your bloodstream. Read more about Black Bean Soup Recipe


Ginger Carrot Soup Recipe

This soup is full of immune-boosting ingredients; carrots are rich in carotenoids that can be converted to vitamin A, which is needed for optimal immune system strength; fresh orange juice is a decent source of natural vitamin C, good for overall immune system support; and just a little ginger provides a number of health benefits, including protection against cancer. Read more about Ginger Carrot Soup Recipe




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