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Our Parents

If you arrived at this page looking for a letter that was written to my friend David, I'm very sorry to let you know that regrettably, it's no longer available.

The letter was intended to lend support to our friends in an anonymous way, and my hope was that those who could relate to the experience of having a difficult relationship with their parents during their upbringing would be comforted in knowing that many others share this experience and still feel a strong sense of compassion for their parents.

I'm very thankful for the few people who posted comments showing support and appreciation for the vulnerability that was displayed, and for lending compassion for the journey of being a wounded child in this world, trying to navigate through all of the lingering feelings that one can have for one's parents.

With every post on this site, my intention is to encourage compassionate behaviour with oneself and those around us. Thanks so much for understanding this intention.

Peace and love to all.

Ben Kim


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