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Lovely Persimmons


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Actually they are among my favorite fruits. I LOVE persimmons, they are very special.
I have also ordered dried ones from in california, they sell organic and non-organic, delicious!. Just know that there are TWO kinds to get fresh, the larger ones need to ripen before eating, the DONUT shaped ones are ripe when picked. namaste', rachel

Here's a helpful tip told to me by my local grocer: To ripen Hachiya persimmons, stick them in the freezer. Both types ripen in cold environments so if they're already soft, don't put them in the fridge! When you defrost the frozen persimmons they'll be soft and ready to eat!

Does freezing them really ripen them or does it simply soften the flesh? Ripening is a biochemical process that maximizes nutrition as well as improving texture and flavor.