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Saving Ourselves Little By Little

When I was in my late 20s and at my peak in idealism, a part of me thought that one of the ultra wealthy patients who came to my first residential fasting clinic which had only three twin size beds would recognize my desire to help people recover their health via water fasting and be the benefactor that I hoped for to create a proper facility.

Back then, I was a one man show. No assistants, no colleagues, no one to help with meal prep or general maintenance and cleaning. All I had were my body and mind and 16 to 18 hours a day to do all I could to make things work.

When an old friend in his early 80s came for a weekend visit, while I was delighted to spend time with him, a part of me actually thought that he could be the benefactor that I needed to fulfill all that I was meant to do on this planet. He had many millions, after all, and he knew the ins and outs of my intentions and what I wanted to do as a health care provider. After his visit came to an end and I saw him off, I slowly walked to the room where he had stayed, heart jumping out of my chest, pupils dilated and scanning for a thick envelope or maybe a thin one that housed a check.

To this day, I remember how crushed I was as I gathered up his bedding to launder. There was no money, of course, no gift that would propel me to creating the health care facility I dreamed of building.

Now, looking back some 16, 17 years later, I give thanks that there was never a benefactor who appeared at my door and made my journey any easier. The value, the beauty, the fruit, the rewards - they have always been in the struggle, in the uncertainties of the journey itself.

It is our struggle that gives us all things of lasting value - let’s embrace this truth and work on saving ourselves little by little, day by day.


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