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5 Stretches for Back Pain and Stiffness

A healthy back requires a mobile spine that is able to freely move in multiple directions, with flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion being the major directions of normal range of motion.

Regular practice of the exercises in this video will promote healthy range of motion of your spine, as well as healthy tone of the soft tissues (ligaments, fascia, muscles, and tendons) that surround your spine.


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Great stretches for mobility in the back....sure helps my stiffness in back area.....thanks again. Dr. Ben Kim....

Great video. Short, to the point, clear. Thank you very much!

Hi, i just wanted to say how much i enjoy receiving your emails and your info has been very enriching and helpful for me, i was wondering when doing this exercise video if i am in pain do i keep doing it? I have a very penetrating pain in my back, left buttock area , i thought it was my hip, i had them x rayed but i am now thinking it might be muscle related. Oh , i am 60 yrs old.

Thank you, Karen, I'm glad that you are finding our resources to be helpful.

In doing any exercise, when you feel significant pain, my suggestion would be to ease off to a point where there is no pain but where you still feel a stretch or you are still taking the joint(s) in question through range of movement, no matter how small this range is.

Over time, the goal is to increase your usable range of motion.

Best of luck with your mobility exercise routine!


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