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3-Minute Fat Burn Routine

If you take a short 30-60 second break after doing this 3-minute routine and repeat it another 2 times, you'll experience an effective high intensity interval workout in about 10 minutes.


With each of the footwork drills described, aim to do between 10 to 15 repetitions.

Begin by gently bouncing on your feet, allowing your feet and body to rotate slightly back and forth from right to left with each bounce. Let your arms hang loose and flow along with your feet and trunk as you bounce.

Next, with each bounce, bring one heel up to touch the back of your hands, which you can keep behind you near your buttocks. Alternate from heel to heel, aiming to touch your hands with one heel with every bounce.

Then transition into knee-ups where you keep your hands in front of you at around waist level and aim to touch them with one knee with every bounce. Alternate from knee to knee.

Next, while keeping one leg directly beneath your body, steadily bounce as you would doing jumping jacks, but take only one leg out and away from your body. You'll feel more work being done by the leg that is directly beneath your torso. Now switch legs and do about the same number of repetitions, keeping one leg directly below you while taking your other leg out and away from your body with each bounce.

Then transition into kicking both legs out and away from your midline as though you are doing jumping jacks. You can take your arms up with each repetition if you wish, or keep them by your side if you prefer.

Next, a basic footwork drill where you begin on one side, step toward the center with your lead leg, and as you bring your lagging leg to the center to join your lead leg, take your lead leg further out one additional step, then head back the other way in the same fashion. Once you're comfortable with this pattern, increase the pace so that everything is done with a bit of a hop where you stay on the balls of your feet and only one foot makes contact with the center position at a time.

Then, move to doing crossovers where you begin on one side, cross your outside leg over the front of your inside leg, and allow your inside leg to continue in the same direction until both feet land are on the ground and you feel balanced. Cross over going the other way, and go back and forth, picking up the pace as you feel comfortable with this pattern.

Next, keep your core tight and your hands by your sides and slightly in front of your body, and run in place as fast as you can while barely taking the balls of your feet off the ground.

Finish off with the same gentle rotating bouncing movement we began with.

Once you complete this series, feel free to take a short break of 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the entire sequence another two times for a total of 10 minutes of an effective high intensity interval workout.


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