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Appearances Matter

Originally posted in July of 2014 after the passing of my friend, Dr. John. Updated on August 28, 2018.

When I moved to the suburbs of Chicago shortly after my 20th birthday to begin graduate school, as much as I needed to learn about human physiology and clinical sciences, I was in even greater need of general life guidance. Having been raised by ultra conservative immigrant parents, I had more than a few things to learn about how to understand and interact with people.

I had the great fortune of having as a classmate a fellow named John who was 47 years old and excited to begin a second career. He had done well as a real estate appraiser and property flipper on the east coast, and though he never boasted of his wealth, I knew that John had earned enough to be retired, and was pursuing a career as a health care provider because he had restored his own health with alternative therapies and wanted to share his passion for natural healing with others. Read more about Appearances Matter


A Simple Mobility Exercise to Reverse the Effects of Slouching

If you work at a desk or counter on a regular basis, chances are that you slouch forward to some degree, at least enough to cause mild to moderate tightening of the muscles that line your chest, anterior shoulder region, and even your upper arms.

This is a stretch that can you can do daily to help reverse these and other effects of slouching. Read more about A Simple Mobility Exercise to Reverse the Effects of Slouching


The Dark Side of Junior Tennis

On Saturday September 7th, 2019, the headlines across Canada and the global tennis world captured the incredible accomplishment of Bianca Andreescu, who at 19 years of age, became the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title.  

Those who aren't familiar with what it takes to journey through the junior tennis world to have a chance of standing where Bianca Andreescu is today likely cannot imagine the dark side of such a trek.  

Here's a headline that you won't see from any media outlet: Read more about The Dark Side of Junior Tennis


Flash Sale Plus Newly Arrived Lots of Our Coconut Milk Powder and Peruvian Organic Dried Mangoes

We hope this impromptu back to school flash sale is a well received bonus for those who have been waiting on our new lots of coconut milk powder and Peruvian organic dried mangoes to arrive, which they have!

Our coconut milk powder, excellent as a delicious dairy-free creamer for coffee and tea and a satisfying addition to smoothies and soups for their healthy fatty acids is available here: Read more about Flash Sale Plus Newly Arrived Lots of Our Coconut Milk Powder and Peruvian Organic Dried Mangoes


Joshua Lee Turner

If you're a fan of music by Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, and Patsy Cline, I think you'll appreciate the brilliance of Joshua Lee Turner who is more than underground famous via his YouTube channel. Below is a sampling of his wide range of fun and inspiring collaborations with fellow highly skilled musicians. Joshua is currently on tour on the east coast of the States and the UK - dates and locations are listed at his site, linked above.

Crazy - Patsy Cline Cover Featuring Allison Young: Read more about Joshua Lee Turner


Back to School

With today being the first day of school for many students around the globe, I have a favour to ask of those among our readership who have children or grandchildren in elementary, middle, high school, and even college or university:

Please consider asking your children or grandchildren to be on the lookout for those who may be new and shy and uncertain about how they will fit in. Read more about Back to School




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