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Mobility Exercises

The Magic of Minimalism

One of the great frustrations of my childhood was my father's hoarding disorder. Even today at 82 years of age, despite our mother's many requests to slowly donate his countless stacks of heavy textbooks to a local theological seminary, he refuses to take action. As is typical with those who have a serious hoarding problem, he hasn't opened the vast majority of his mountain of books in many years. Read more


To Ensure Healthy Forearms

This is a simple and highly effective way of restoring and maintaining ideal supination and pronation of your forearm - both are essential for optimal wrist and elbow health and mobility.

For a series of stretches for the same region, please view: Read more


Daily Stretches for Healthier Shoulders and Spinal Joints

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There are few stretches more effective in improving the health of the shoulders and spine than dead hanging. Read more


Improve Posture & Reverse Slouching

Fabric Resistance Band Set I Use

In order to have healthy joints as we age, it's essential that we actively take our major joints through their full range of motion every day. Read more


What To Do If You Have A Tendency To Throw Out Your Back

This is a simple routine of spinal mobility exercises that I have long found useful to those who have a tendency to "throw out" their back or experience chronic and intermittent back pain from various sprains and strains, including those involving intervertebral discs. Read more


Daily Routine For Tight Shoulders

Lie face up and take both arms in full circles along your sides, keeping your arms and lower back flat on the surface you're lying on. Take your time working through any areas that feel tight. Read more


Essential Movements For Healthy Hips

Begin with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and gently drop down into a comfortable squat. Allow yourself a few seconds or more to sit in this position to stretch your hip capsules. Read more




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