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Daily Stretches for Healthier Shoulders and Spinal Joints

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There are few stretches more effective in improving the health of the shoulders and spine than dead hanging.

Dead hanging means to hang passively without putting any strength into lifting your body up. The only strength exerted is the grip that you need to stay hanging.

In a dead hang, take your trunk through gentle twists back and forth, feeling a good stretch through your shoulder complex and spinal joints. The more you can rotate to each side, the greater the stretch you will generate in the shoulders and spine.

If you don't have the grip strength to fully hang, you can have your feet on the ground and gently rotate your trunk in the same fashion, allowing your shoulders and spine to feel some degree of the same stretch.

A more challenging variation is to hang with just one arm while anchoring your other hand on a nearby object if needed. A nice goal is to get to a point where you can dead hang from one arm at a time without assistance.


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