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To Ensure Healthy Forearms

This is a simple and highly effective way of restoring and maintaining ideal supination and pronation of your forearm - both are essential for optimal wrist and elbow health and mobility.

For a series of stretches for the same region, please view: Read more


Daily Stretches for Healthier Shoulders and Spinal Joints

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There are few stretches more effective in improving the health of the shoulders and spine than dead hanging. Read more


Improve Posture & Reverse Slouching

Fabric Resistance Band Set I Use

In order to have healthy joints as we age, it's essential that we actively take our major joints through their full range of motion every day. Read more


Two Simple Strengthening Exercises to Keep Your Elbows and Wrists Healthy

Even among fitness enthusiasts, I've consistently found that many people neglect the tendons that control their wrists and elbows - this is a big mistake, as these tissues are not well perfused with blood, so when they are injured, they can take many months to heal. All of us constantly use our wrists and elbows, but most of us only tune into this reality if we injure one of these areas.

To build and maintain strength in the tendons that attach to and move your wrists and elbows, please consider making the following exercises a part of your everyday life:

Tennis Ball Squeeze

20150316_082724 Read more


What To Do If You Have A Tendency To Throw Out Your Back

This is a simple routine of spinal mobility exercises that I have long found useful to those who have a tendency to "throw out" their back or experience chronic and intermittent back pain from various sprains and strains, including those involving intervertebral discs. Read more


How To Minimize Spikes In Blood Sugar


A couple of months ago, I shared a simple yet highly effective approach to minimizing blood sugar spikes, thereby decreasing risk of developing heart disease and Alzheimer's. Read more


Where We Live


Something I love about being in Seoul and Osaka is how natural it is to walk everywhere. Both cities are beautifully set up for people to live without a vehicle. Read more