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Selfish Choices

The challenge with those who regularly make selfish choices is that typically, they are unaware of the pain and hurt that they create for others. For the purpose of streamlining these thoughts, let's call such people egoists: those who are preoccupied with their own interests.

My life experiences have led me to believe that the vast majority of egoists behave the way they do because they carry significant unresolved pain within, often some combination of not having received sufficient love and being put down by those they most needed to be nurtured by as youngsters. Read more


Happy Days Oatmeal Recipe


Please note that quantities listed make one serving.

Ingredients: Read more


Bone Broth

Simple Exercises for Better Balance

It's important to note that any activity that requires that you maintain your balance - be it while on your feet, hands, pelvis, or a combination thereof - will develop your joint position sense, thereby strengthening your immunity against slips and falls. Read more



Growing up as a visible minority of immigrant parents in a predominately Caucasian town in Canada, I gradually learned that many people in that town conflated my parents' English language ability with their intelligence. It was almost as though for many, the subconscious mind automatically assigned a positive correlation between language proficiency and intelligence. The thinking must have been something like: Well, they run a variety store and I have to dumb down my words when speaking to them, so they can't be very smart. Read more


Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

This is an excellent overview of the global macroeconomic landscape and the natural path of societies as they print fiat currencies that aren't backed by commodities or are otherwise provably scarce.

Ray Dalio's comprehensive book on this topic can be found at the following pages: Read more


Natalie Brunell's Immigration Story and Mission To Fix The American Dream

Natalie Brunnell is journalist turned podcaster who has become a leading voice in the Bitcoin community. Here, Peter McCormack of "What Bitcoin Did" puts the spotlight on Natalie's immigration story and why she is determined to help more people understand that Bitcoin offers hope for a more fair and inclusive financial system for all. Read more


Tips for Constipation

Where there isn't a physical obstruction of the intestines or regular intake of medication that can affect autonomic nervous system tone, I find that the vast majority of people who struggle with constipation benefit from light bouncing.

While a brisk walk can be helpful in this regard, I've found that there is more benefit from purposeful and bouncing up and down whereby the contents of the abdominal and pelvic cavities are gently jostled in place.

Doing jumping jacks, skipping rope, and even controlled bouncing on a trampoline are all effective. Read more


More Than Meets The Eye

Over the weekend, I posted the following photo to my Instagram and Facebook pages that inspired me:

I was quite surprised to see the amount of engagement that this photo stimulated, especially at our Facebook page: Read more


Beef and Vegetable Stew Recipe