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Prevent Hunchback, Improve Posture, and Strengthen Your Back

One of the keys to having better posture and preventing hunchback is to do some strength work for your primary pulling muscles which include your rhomboids, lats, some rotator cuff muscles, and multiple layers of deeper muscles that surround your ribcage and spine.

Whether doing these pulling exercises via calisthenics, weights like dumbbells or kettlebells, or resistance bands, the focus should be on pulling back with the elbows while keeping the core engaged.

The dip bars that I use can be found here:

Fabric-covered resistance bands that I use can be found here:

Ideally, such strength work should be paired with spinal mobility work that emphasizes spinal extension - a simple and effective example is shown here:

Hunchback can largely be prevented with this two-pronged approach involving pulling strength work and spinal extension training. Also helpful for preventing hunchback is minimizing intake of sugar and ensuring regular intake of a wide variety of naturally occurring minerals, which is one of the primary reasons for eating green vegetables that are well digested.


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