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Should Parents Spank Their Children?

Updated on July 8, 2024.

According to National Family Violence Surveys and a number of research studies, over 90 percent of parents use some form of punishment that involves inflicting physical pain when disciplining their children.

In considering this statistic, the questions that come to mind are: Read more


An Often Overlooked Cause of Vomiting

Most parents don't realize that not getting enough food can be the cause of unexplained vomiting in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

Where there is no fever, stomach flu, or any other common cause of vomiting in younger children, vomiting is often caused by low blood sugar. Most typically, this happens to children between 8 months and 4.5 to 5 years of age. Read more


Appendicitis Treatment Options

How do I know if my child has appendicitis? Few parents get through the journey of raising children without wondering this at some point.

In the late 90s, one of my early mentors, the late Dr. David Scott, showed me a whole stack of cases of diagnosed appendicitis that he had helped children and adults recover from through rest and water fasting. Given the wealth of his experience utilizing water fasting to help people overcome countless health challenges that allopathic medical care typically addresses via surgery and/or medication, I had good reason to wonder if excision was the best first line treatment for appendicitis.

Today, some within conventional medicine also question the decision to use excision as a first line treatment for appendicitis. Studies like "Antibiotics as first-line therapy for acute appendicitis: evidence for a change in clinical practice." are prompting some physicians to try a combination of intravenous and oral antibiotic therapy in mild to moderately severe cases of appendicitis where there is no clinical evidence of perforation. Read more


Mindful Parenting for Gritty Children

If you're raising young children or even teenagers and wonder from time to time if your approach to parenting will yield emotionally intelligent, courageous, and persevering progeny, I think you'll find Dr. Angela Duckworth's book on Grit to be a worthwhile read. Read more


The Drop Box

Throughout the world, abandoned babies are found every day in woods, dumpsters, creeks, laundromats, and under subway seats. Poverty, psychological distress of teenage pregnancies, and undesired gender are common root causes of child abandonment.

In 2009, a South Korean pastor named Lee Jong Rak and his wife installed a drop box in front of their home, a box that has become a depository for unwanted babies, many with disabilities. The Drop Box is a heartbreaking documentary that tells their story. Please feel free to view the trailer here: Read more


Natural Sleep Aid For Babies

Back when our firstborn, Joshua, was about six months old and had trouble getting to sleep without one of us holding him, we resorted to the universal remedy of strapping him into his car seat and going for a long drive. Read more


What To Do For A Fever

Of all the concerns that parents have contacted my office about over the years, one of the most common ones has been what to do with a child's fever.

In addressing this concern, it's vital to understand that a fever serves to protect your body against infection and trauma in three major ways: Read more


Ways to Foster a Good Relationship With Your Children and Influence Their Behaviour Without Intimidation or Violence

After reading the responses to the article Should Parents Spank Their Children?, some of which support spanking, it occurred to me that perhaps many parents just don’t know how else to influence their children’s behaviour. Some parents feel that spanking is the best way to teach their children not to misbehave. Some parents feel that everything else has failed and so, having run out of other options, they turn to spanking. If you are a parent, especially one who would like to begin learning about alternatives to spanking, please consider the following points. Read more


Night-Weaning Breastfeeding Baby

Originally published in late 2006

Before my wife gave birth to our first son, both of us were determined to raise him in a way that would help him feel physically and emotionally safe from the very first second that he arrived. Read more


Nurturing Creativity

I've long been a believer in the idea that all of us are born to be creative artists. Playing music, drawing, acting, dancing, writing, designing, building, even playing sports at a high level - when we nurture our creative instincts through any of these artistic experiences, we stand a good stance of feeling deeply fulfilled, and we almost certainly add value to other people's lives. Read more




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